Crater Lake

Top Lakes in the US to Visit

In planning your next vacation, it might be a good time to think outside the box a bit, with a different choice of destinations than the most common? While the beach, mountains and adventure parks are all certainly wonderful places to vacation, there is just something extra sweet about stepping outside of that old comfort…

Maui beach

Hawaii’s Best Islands

Who wouldn’t want to visit Hawaii at some point in their lifetime? From the striking scenery to the amazing foods, erupting volcanoes and non-stop surfing, Hawaii has it ALL! Choosing the best islands in Hawaii is a little like choosing between chocolate cake and chocolate truffles or between Channing Tatum and Liam Hemsworth. There really…

Painted Desert, USA

Top 5 Deserts in the US

If you’ve ever visited a ski resort town from about March to June, you know that there isn’t much to do during what locals refer to as “Mud Season”. This is when the warm weather starts melting the snow causing the best hiking and biking trails, kayaking rivers, and fishing streams to turn into a…

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