It’s often one of the most highly dreaded chores we can imagine, and we typically put it off for a much longer period of time than is appropriate, but cleaning and organizing our closets is one of the most effective steps we can take in living a stress-free life. Often, our closets serve as the “catch-alls” for all that stuff that we either can’t find a suitable permanent place for, or we use them on the fly to quickly stash out of place items in an effort to make our homes look instantly presentable for company coming to visit. Closets can seem to present a formidable task that we probably put off longer, simply because it’s such an easier option to just close the closet door and, however momentarily, forget about the jumble and disarray on the other side of that door. Once we do manage to give our closets a thorough cleanout and inventory, not only do we feel an extraordinary sense of accomplishment, but (yes, it’s true, and you know it) we simultaneously make room for more stuff!

Take an Honest Closet Inventory
When was the last time you fully addressed your closet, leaving no item unturned, and gave honest consideration to eliminating those items you never wear, even though you have been planning to wear them for several years or more? Perhaps you have a bunch of pre-baby outfits that just don’t seem to be loose fitting enough to wear yet, but you just know that you’ll get back into them any day now. Get real. Chances are, by the time (and if) you can manage to make them fit again, it is highly likely that they will be horribly outdated and unflattering as a result.

Break it Down
As with all endeavors, they go best with a game plan. In the case of a closet, you can break the entire process of redoing it down to a few simple steps that will help you to get it done quickly and without feeling overwhelmed. Here’s a great way to tackle your closet effectively:

  • Section it off: Divide your closet into sections. This doesn’t necessarily mean by clothing types or colors, but it can even be divisions of equal volumes of space. Then, take one section at a time. By dividing the contents up, you will be able to feel a sense of accomplishment, even when time only permits you to address one section at a time. Just make sure you maintain your enthusiasm for finishing the entire project.
  • Have a Discard Container on Hand: First, simply divide everything into two categories: Keep, and Discard. Once you have finished revamping your closet, you can then break down the exact destinations of the discards, such as “Thrift Shop Donation,” “Yard Sale,” or to specific friends or family members. Here’s where you must really push yourself to dispense with the old, being a little bit ruthlessly honest. If you haven’t used or worn an item in a couple of years or so, let it go.

Repurposing Your New Closet: Think of fun and creative ways in which you can arrange your “new” closet. Do you want everything to be located according to color, season, occasion, or type? For instance, you might place all your dresses together, all your shorts together, etc. Some people prefer to put all of their black items in one place, and so forth with blue, tan, pink, etc. Arrange your closet the best way for you and your style.