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Dressing for Success: Which Stars to Emulate for the Most Professional Looks

Dressing for Success: Which Stars to Emulate for the Most Professional Looks
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Regardless of the naysayers whose favorite looks come from pushing the envelope every chance they get, the only occasion when the way you look doesn’t matter is when your audience/viewer is either extremely sight impaired or blindfolded. This is rather rare, meaning that any look that evolves naturally, without energy and attention is doomed from the start. Your look–your clothing, hair, accessories (and their condition,) along with your posture, attitude, body language and facial expression all weigh into the perception others form of you, like it or not. In today’s highly competitive life, whether in the job market, workplace or social scene requires anyone with a goal to take steps that make it happen. Sometimes, the way a person looks is the selling point of their succeeding in any endeavor.

Celebs Work Looks Best
Celebrities know best of all, the importance of using a look to communicate. You could spend hours on end in describing yourself, your pedigree, your education, your accolades, popularity and even try to add value to the way you’re dressed by sharing how frightfully much you paid for those designer components, and never be sure of how your listener perceives you. Alternately, you could purposefully put together an entire look (based on proven study results), which would immediately convey a complete concept to anyone who sees you. Celebs are fundamentally performers, always creating and portraying personalities that aren’t necessarily their own, so they must learn the art of mastering the look, in order to keep working. No actor ever showed up on the set to play a cattle-driving cowboy of 1875, dressed in a scuba diving wetsuit skins and accessorized by all the most modern gear. When filming commences for an Ernest Hemingway adaptation of The Old Man and the Sea, you could lay odds on there not being a single Nasa Advanced Crew Escape Suit hanging among cast wardrobing. Looks matter, and nobody rocks any look better than the celebs, so why not turn to these masters of perception-deception for the most persuasive professional looks to copy?

Professional Looks Expand
Getting a good professional look isn’t always about job-related anything, although for anyone employed where a pro-appearance is called-for, tweaking the pro look comes with major benefits like more money. Here are some of the top styler-celebs who by reputation, rock the most enviable professional looks to copy:

Jack Dorsey: He’s widely recognized as one of the most stylish men within the entire tech industry, and with his charming facial composition of thick brows, icy baby blues and handsomely chiseled jaw alone, he could show up clad in practically anything and command the room. He rocks the corporate charm by trademark leather jackets and Prada and Hermes slim suits. Often spotted wearing one of his (similar to the popped-collar style of shirt) collection of Dior Homme reverse-collar dress shirts, he displays many looks within the budget of underlings whose salaries are more within a Frank Michel range, but truly fine-styling. Many of his style details emerge when close-up, that speak volumes of leading and successful excellence.

Michelle Obama: Always dressed impeccably, Michelle’s sense of fashion never fails. We love to emulate every look she reveals. She makes sure to wear pearls in odd numbered strands, for a traditional chic. Her makeup effectively uses subtle colors that appear natural, including lip tints with a demure sweep of perfect gloss to finish off.

Ivanka Trump: Ivanka understands the power of simple lines and styling for a chic business look. Her favorite suits are monochromatic with wide collars, minimal fasteners and under-jacket tops are kept mostly obscured. She enjoys adding pops of color with bold monochromatic accessories, like shoes, bags and earrings. Simply-set turquoise jewelry can add a flair-statement to an otherwise business attire.

Presidentt Obama

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President Obama: With his day job of leading the most powerful country on the planet, President Obama keeps the choices before him to a minimum with the very few opportunities he has to do so. His clothing details say a lot about his refrain from seeking grandeur, in that he wears the same suit every day. Well, kind of, as he always appears professionally dressed in a blue or gray suit. If there was ever any doubt about his uni-suit style, it became crystal clear in 2014–the one, isolated time when he appeared for a press briefing to address military conflicts stylishly sporting a light, khaki suit. In typical characteristic accord, his constituents’ (beginning with the political press corps,) takeaway concentrated almost exclusively on the President’s look, rather than what he had said. In one interview, he explained, “You’ll see I wear only gray or blue suits. I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing because I have too many other decisions to make.”

Cate Blanchett: Her business wardrobe includes a sleek mix of pants and skirts. She favors pinstripes and doesn’t mind including some cleavage in her jacket appeal that’s otherwise straight lined and direct.

Rachel McAdams: In sharp contrast to Victoria Beckham’s pantsuit style of two-only pieces (sans top,) and silhouette-hugging, Rachel’s style includes a crisp, large-collared white shirt underneath a looser jacket. Both lovelies work the business edge with stylishly messy buns in back.


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