What goes around, comes around and fashion is no exception! 2015 has a line up from the early 90’s that includes neon, preppy, boho and even a little grunge, but when it comes to skirts, the nineties are making a definite return.

It’s not time to start pulling out your scarves and knee boots just yet! There is still time to wear some cute, feminine styles that show off your legs — even if you have to put some tights on for the colder days. Fall skirts are the perfect choice to transition from the summer to the colder weather.

Here are a few must haves to try this season:

Denim Skirts
Denim is back in a big way, including denim jackets and denim skirts. Forget about the acid wash from the last time they were popular. Today’s denim skirts look sassy and chic. Everything from minis to maxis is popular right now. Just find a shade and a shape that flatter your figure – steer clear of the TOO short jean skirt and pair with an over-sized sweater or button up blouse and vest – yes, the nineties called and they are coming back.

Midi Skirts
Don’t feel comfortable in a mini, but get tripped up by a maxi? The midi skirt is the ideal solution! The flattering shape sweeps the knees or falls just above or below them. This is a flirty style that has a slightly vintage look, so it will have you feeling girly and gorgeous. Skip the straight skirt – this Midi needs a little flare at the end, in a lighter fabric. Pair this preppy style with a linen blouse and pearls or a crisp, white button up.

Button-Front Skirts
Button-front skirts typically have an A-line shape, which is flattering to almost any figure. These are sporty-looking skirts that look great in denim, corduroy, twill, or another sturdy fabric. They can be worn casually, or you can dress them up with a nicer skirt for the office. Consider these the dependable skirts that you can wear for just about any occasion and in just about any color. Pair these skirts with bold colored leggings and stockings and boots to complete the outfit.

Skirt Overalls
Barely making the list is the up and coming return of the skirted overall. Primarily in denim, this 90’s favorite is peeking it’s head through the fashion doorway once again. Don’t fork out a fortune for this gem just yet – it’s likely to start gaining momentum early next spring and when it hits, it probably won’t be around very long.

Tip to try: When the fall days start getting too cold, throw on a pair of leggings with one of these skirts and pair them with a light turtleneck or a scarf. Experiment with colors to try out different looks and have some fun. You aren’t limited to browns and oranges just because it’s fall!