When it comes to showing up in style, no one is better at it than the celebrities. They not only “do” the hottest fashions, they create them, every time they leave their respective digs. As with everything, some celebs seem to possess more of a knack for picking their fashion preferences than others. Here are 5 of the top celebs you need to copy, for the best looks and the most envy.

Heidi Klum
We love Heidi. She’s always showing up with sleek luxury just dripping, and recently she has been seen sporting some really cool sunglasses. They are a snow-leopard print with a cat’s eye shape, and feature delicate detailing of metallic accents that definitely make a statement, wherever she’s seen in them. They’re fun but also very classy and will definitely draw all the right kind of attention from all the right people.

Never known as one who plays it safe when it comes to fashion, Rihanna’s choice of bright yellow skinny denim jeans echoes the latest trend in colored denim, but with the inimitable Rihanna style. She paired these jeans with with a sleeveless black-and-white print blouse and a white bag and shoes, and it was a stunning look for her. Colored denim jeans can be boldly combined with a myriad of other colors, or for a more matched look, for a top you might select a print that includes a tad of the color of the jeans so that it will be blended. It’s a fun, fresh trend.

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore manages to effectively pull off the resurgence of the classic hippie look, with a gorgeous, A-line mid-calf length frock with sleeves that hit right between the elbow and wrist. Choosing to complement the black background of the print, she added black tights and then picked up a nice rich blue (also from the print.) Add in a long, chained necklace and what you have is a timeless and classy look that’s fun!

Ginnifer Goodwin and Blake Lively
These ladies both know a good, fresh fashion trend when they see one, and have been highly successful at impressing everyone with their innovative layering of skirts. By combining a mini skirt with a maxi skirt, you get an entirely new look. It’s a bit flirty and definitely glamorous, too. The longer skirt is worn beneath the shorter one, and should be sheer. Then, for the top, shorter skirt, go for an asymmetrical hem with a bold print or diagonal stripes.

Ashley Tisdale
Showing up looking spectacular, Ashley Tisdale is a whiz at putting together black and red. She’s been seen travelling in cherry red leggings and a boldly printed white and black blousy jacket, with a simple black top beneath. Add some chunky black boots and a few chains and matching black bag, and you’ve got her look!