Shopping for lingerie can get really expensive really fast, and it is often fraught with disappointment, as what might look like a fabulous and flirty choice there, displayed in a case or hanging innocently on the hanger can ultimately disappoint in the dressing room. Every lingerie design doesn’t always look good or flatter every woman and every body type. It requires a good bit of effort to disrobe and then try on different styles, often in a somewhat cramped dressing room, only to discover that, after all your exertion, the item or set does absolutely nothing but make you look ridiculous. Sadly, there is no other way to determine how any lingerie will actually look on you until you try it on. There are, however some particular aspects each woman can discover which will make subsequent visits to buy lingerie less of a guessing game and more of a better-defined mission.

Always Focus Your Search on What Flatters You
Lingerie, like many things, is not a “one size fits all” kind of deal. If this were true, we wouldn’t have all of the many different styles of lingerie available to us that we actually have today. It takes a little practice, but once you discover which types and cuts look best on you, and which ones maximize your best features, you can then cut out a lot of pointless searching and trying on of those disappointing lingerie fails.

The Return of the Flesh-Eating Granny?
Ever since the dawn of time–or at least the dawn of women’s panties, those rather expansive and modest “granny panties” have been available as a choice among the styles, to any woman shopping for panties. And with a few exceptions like the burlesque and the XXX-dominated industry, women for the most part traditionally wore these larger models, without giving it a second thought until the latter part of last century. In general, a previous tightly bound definition of morality began to relax, and this change began to be visible particularly within every segment of the apparel industry beginning with women’s undergarments. Eventually, women’s lingerie produced the one-hit wonder–the THONG, which finally, smart women everywhere are finally fessing up to admit that wearing one is basically like going around all day with a big wedgie. And now, lo and behold, the New York Times recently reported that young women everywhere are flocking to those granny panties of yore, and spurning those sexy looking wedgies. Could this be a sign that women are dressing more for their own comfort and interests? Time will tell…

New Convenience for Women
There is a newcomer to the women’s panty industry, thanks to Slick Chicks Lingerie. These clever panties are designed with their patented hook and eye closure on either side of the waistband. This design allows the wearer to put them on and remove them without ever needing to take off other pieces of clothing. Their combined benefits of being anti-leak, antimicrobial along with their moisture-wicking technology make these panties even more valuable. And while they were designed for today’s busy women on the go, they are advantageous for any woman who has difficulty in bending over or stepping into panties, as she can simply put them in place and hook together.