After a long, hard go at working out all winter long, you are ready to show the world your new look, but you want to first make sure that what you are slipping that new, buff bod of yours into is in style this year. Whether you go for a “big reveal” or a modest board shorts style suit, that’s OK. Men’s swimsuits are still about variety, and they are not ever going to be “one size fits all.” 2015 brings some really cool bold prints, floral patterns and more. Here are some of the popular choices you can count on this year. And whether it’s a vacation or a “staycation,” you will impress the others not only with your six-pack and svelte musculature, but also with your fashion sense.

Classic Three-Stripe Suit Design
Looks like the classic three-stripe suit design has made a massive comeback, with mesh lined interiors and front slit pockets. The new look features a bit shorter legs and fixed waist that fastens with a hook and loop closure that is typically not adjustable so try them on before you buy. They can run on the small side, too.

Tan-Through Shorts
Tan-through shorts will have them guessing just where you were able to pull off a whole body tan. Look for Transol Tan-Through fabric. This fabric can be a little see-through, but there is a micro-mesh liner usually included in the front, just for a touch of modesty. They come in a bevvy of psychedelic colors and patterns, for added wow factor, and perhaps to detract a little from what’s beneath. These shorts fit snugly.

Ibiza Print Swim Trunks
Ibiza print swim trunks are slightly more revealing than other American designed swim trunks. They are quite eye-catching, too, with bright colors and intriguing patterns that draw attention in a “good” way. Look for ones that feature metal eyelets on the back that keep the trunks from that irritating balloon thing that trunks can do. Most have a quick dry mesh lining for extra support and comfort.

Board Shorts
If you will never be the “faux tribal patterns and Hawaiian print” sort of guy, there are some more tame or respectable patterns available in board shorts that give you an air of dignity while showing at the same time that you are still open for an invite to the party. Among the selections, the American Flag is big, in an assortment of representation modes, from art-nouveau to more stylized and straightforward.Good old

Speedo-Styled Swim Suits
Good old Speedo-styled swim suits are still in, if you have the nerve–and the body to pull off showing up in them. One step away from a “bikini cut,” the Speedo cut is more modest. The only way to wear this style of swimwear is with lots of nerve — and attitude.