I think that a minibar is a great addition to anyone’s home—especially when you love inviting friends over for a couple of drinks and some good time. It doesn’t take much space and it adds some value to your home as well. Not all homes have minibars. Apart from the aesthetic value that a minibar has, it’s also fun to have your own place for mixing drinks and having a shot or two. Here are the things you need to set up your own minibar at home:

  • Space – Just how much space do you need, really? Since it’s a minibar, you don’t need much anything bigger than a square meter would do! If you know how to properly organize and maximize the use of your storage space, even a corner in your kitchen can be your personal minibar.
  • Personal refrigerator – There are different models of refrigerators which would be great for minibar purposes. Find one that is small and can fit under the bar counter.
  • Glasses – Think of wine glasses, martini glasses, champagne flutes, shot glasses and the like. About four to six of each would be great when you’re planning to have some friends come over. For safe measure, a dozen for each kind would be a good count.your own minibar at home
  • Liquor – A minibar won’t be a minibar if you don’t have liquor! Have some good bottles of wine, brandy, scotch, vodka, tequila, and gin. These are some of the basics and having a bottle or two of each would be great. For mixing purposes, you can have some fruit juices, sodas, and similar mixing ingredients.
  • Jigger set – This is where a lot of the fun would come in! Have a jigger set you can use for mixing. You can buy it in local liquor stores or even in supermarkets. Don’t forget having at least one cocktail shaker too!jigger set

When you have all these, you can assemble your own minibar. Take some time to learn about cocktail recipes and you’ll be on your way to mixing great drinks and making fun memories with your guests!