Wallets are big now, they were big earlier and they will always be big. For women, for men, and they are never a poor idea for a holiday gift. They provide the ideal size of storage for anyone mobile, and even though the money clip tried its best to replace the wallet, it was never successful. There are tutorials that show how to make wallets using construction paper, scissors and glue for children, and there are others that reveal for adults how to, using everyday duct tape, make some cool, wearable wallets to alleviate having to include pockets or holding anything in your hands. Men and women alike depend on wallets to safeguard their most important possessions–money, ID and valuables arranged together in the best manner for easy transportation on their person, most or all of the time. Whether the wallet is being retrieved by a man from his back pants pocket, or a woman from her trendy, designer purse, the way any wallet looks is a prominent indicator giving a deeper look into the person it belongs to.

Today’s All Day Wallet
Through the course of a day, there are numerous occasions that call for a person to extract his or her wallet. At the myriad of places we might shop–from the grocery store or mall, to the fuel pump–you’re pulling out your wallet all day long. And until the universal standard of paying for everything disappears completely to smartphone technology replacing cash and plastic, savvy consumers will be sure they have wallets, fully equipped with purchase power to back up their smartphones. Eventually, but obviously no time soon, everything we carry in our wallets will be accessible right within our smartphones, including all those pictures, our rewards status wherever we shop, insurance cards for doctor visits and auto, and on ad infinitum. At that time, who knows–we may then have another resulting need for our wallets. Until then, you want the wallet you produce to reflect well upon you, every time you pull it out.

Adventures in New Wallets
There’s something really fun about getting a new wallet. It feels special, and gives you a sense of pride that you’re taking care of such matters. By the time a wallet needs replacing, typically the contents have become tattered, dog-eared and disorderly, and you have trouble finding what you need in those little bits of paper and business cards belonging to people you can’t remember. If you are less than satisfied with your current wallet, or you haven’t treated yourself to a “new wallet” experience in a while, you owe it to yourself to indulge in the hot designs that are trending now.

Contemporary Classics
The differentiation in today’s hottest wallets is focused on unexpected colors, textures and shapes, with innovative materials that all come together in unprecedented fun to hook you, while offering enough of the classic appeal to suit anyone. Wallet shopping is sure to be a real treat for everyone, with so much new wallet flare. Look for subtle to bold designs:

Go Big, or At Least, Think About it
With everything else going small, a clever design move to go bigger has been the catalyst for these new, exciting oversized wallets that change the game, beginning with the NYC runways, flaunting additional space that turns out to be very handy, with a completely modernist twist. The option to become more utilitarian, as it turns out, works, and is a top seller.

Reptile Love
While there has long been a fairly substantial variety of reptilian influenced surfaces–and these are always in style–these skins have long been the black, brown and the go-to of cordovan. In come the upcoming collections from Givenchy, BCBG, and Saint Laurent’s cute new release, with glittery glam touched off by a rich monogram and a convenient crossbody strap. Oh, the reptiles are trending, and new fabrics fool the best examiners into imagining a reptile out there running around skinless–but these reptilian fabrics shine, sparkle and come a la matte, too. Talk about color? You’re in for a real treat, with new, vibrant statement colors like sharp blue, Amazonian green and violet.

Metal Inspiration
Look for an onslaught of metal detailing and accents among this year’s wallets. Shining way on past traditional and expected golds, coppers. bronzes and silvers, there are many new and fresh undertones to make you look twice and blink. Wallet bling produced from a rather commonplace matte finished purse is fun and adds some candid surprise to check out when checking out. With high gloss PVC styling, the Michael Kors Signature Mirror Metallic wallet zips up fully for extra security.

Betsey Johnson
Betsey does it again, with her always fun whimsical slant on wallets. Some double as furry mitts, with adorable little faces that wink. Many crossbody styles complete the lineup for 2015-2016–with extra flair to flaunt in the form of metallic words detailing the sides, and functional, flashing lights detailing different words among her “light it up” collection. Other wallets are replicas of various oddities, and make sure to check out all her adorable wallets designed to be optionally worn as wristlets. Fringe on wallets? You bet!

RFID and More
Wallets that offer the security of RFID come in every fabric, leather and other materials like aluminum. Other options include separate RFID blocking sleeves to hold cards and such and can be slipped into any wallet, safely and securely. Other new security measures are found in wallets designed to be worn underneath the clothing, as well as cute mini-wallets that are ultra-slim, and come with an attached key ring. Just enough slots for your main ID/cards, and SO compact.

Device-Storing Wallets
Of course, the capacity to carry devices is big this year in wallets. Dedicated slots for a myriad of useful components from smartphones to media players – convenient and highly fashionable, all in one.