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Woman applies smokey eye in brown shades

The Best Smokey Eye for Fall

A smokey eye is my favorite thing to do when it comes to makeup. However, it’s not always appropriate for every occasion, so I generally reserve this look for a fun night on the town. That’s changing for Fall 2015 though, as smokey eyes are the number one makeup trend for this season! Smokey eyes…

Woman wearing a fashionable white and black fringe dress.

How the Trends Emanate From Celebs

From what we are seeing, celebs are leading the nail fashion trend way, with Sienna Miller sporting a solo skull as a big toe ornament among sheer black toes from her most recent show-off pedicure and an unusually spiked manicure rocked Deborah Lippmann’s Fade to Black. Nicole Richie has taken a chunk of the fashion…


Reasons to Invest in Waterproof Makeup

There are a great many makeup options out there—drugstore makeup, special effects makeup, and waterproof makeup are just some of the few kinds of makeup. I know they vary greatly in price ranges, and waterproof makeup is even more expensive than the regular kind. Why so? Basically, they’re more expensive because of their waterproof formulation….

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