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Woman getting a microdermabrasion treatment

Plastic Surgery Trends

When it comes to trends in plastic surgery, we have LA’s A List, from music moguls to movie stars to thank for the current most requested procedures of plastic surgeons. It would seem that everyone wants to look like someone else these days. And while the number of breast implants and augmentations has continued to…

Woman applying sunscreen in a beach

Sunburn: The Best Sunscreens Out Today

Anyone who doesn’t know about the importance of using sunscreen (year-round, but especially in summer,) must have been living on the moon, as skin cancer prevention is a hot topic, and can easily be avoided. With regular application of a good performing sunscreen, not only can you protect your delicate skin from the horrors of…

Woman holding a bottle of foundation in her hands.

Beauty Review: Summer Foundations

This summer has already started out with what feels like an unprecedented measure of heat, which leaves most people poised as they contemplate what the coming summer months will bring, as June usually brings the more moderate temps of the season. And whatever the weather is now or will be in the coming weeks, we’re…