This summer has already started out with what feels like an unprecedented measure of heat, which leaves most people poised as they contemplate what the coming summer months will bring, as June usually brings the more moderate temps of the season. And whatever the weather is now or will be in the coming weeks, we’re all in for it – so we might as well be prepared for a wide range of possibilities. It’s good to be as ready as you can be for the summer extremes, for a pleasurable summer experience.

The Main Objectives in Summer Preparedness
This is going to mean several considerations for everyone. First, the clothing we select should be light and airy, while being able to transition or be layered for those times our day might find us moving from outside heat to inside AC, then back to heat, and so forth, which can occur often through the course of a day. Sunscreen is still needed for everyone, and sun-shielding hats with substantial brims can do a lot in reducing the heat, glare and UV rays for those wearing them. A lot of women don’t give much thought to their summer makeup, and while they may continue on with the same mascara, eye shadows, lipsticks and more, summer is a time to rethink the foundation that you begin with, in applying your makeup.

Foundations That Perform in Summer Heat
If you engage in any outdoor summer activities, the chances are good that you are going to perspire (we don’t say “sweat,” here, ladies–.) The last thing you want is for your foundation to run or separate on your face.

On the high end, Dior Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation, $62 adheres well to your face and resists looking shiny.  Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Matte Liquid Foundation, $66, is a liquid foundation that leaves a beautiful matte finish with no shine, and is designed to offer 12 hours of coverage.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get good results, though. CoverGirl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation, $9 is air whipped, drying with a matte finish and leaving a powdery finish devoid of grease or shine. Revlon Nearly Naked makeup foundation, $9, covers well, is light and stays on until you wash it off. NYX Cosmetics Stay Matte, Not Flat Powder Foundation, $10 is great for those who are not into creams and liquids. Covers well, blends well with skin and keeps the shine away.