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Look Your Best for Less – Summer Trends You Can Afford

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Summertime is the season for a lot more experimentation with fashion, fads and trends. There are lighter, breezy and billowy fabrics that mean easier to wear fashions all around. This year, as every year, there are going to be some trends that are so hot that if you blink twice, they will not be on the shelves again. Get ‘em while you can, and don’t hesitate, or you may lose out on an opportunity to get on board with some of the most trendy fashion statements for unsurpassed summer fun.

Crop Tops are Bigger Than Ever!
Not literally bigger, but hotter and more trendy. Dare to bare a little skin with some of the new fun and creative crop tops that pair equally as well with your favorite summer jeans as they do with a sexy bustier that goes with a funky pencil skirt.

Colored Denim Jeans
Available with all the unique properties of the conventional weave that distinguishes denim from all the other fabrics, these colored versions of the standard denim jean are selling like crazy. Get them in several colors, as you can find them reasonably priced, and they can be combined with a number of top choices for creating an endless array of summer outfits.

Woman wearing fringe boots and mini shorts.

Life on the Fringe
Whether it be sandals, boots, hybrid crossovers and more, the addition of fringe is one of the biggest fads, and especially in footwear. Look for fringed purses, hemlines and of course–swimsuits, not to mention all of the newest forms of added dangles. Be careful not to overdo the fringe all at one time. A little can go a long way. Try to keep your fringed accessories and clothing to one at a time for the most stunning and trendy look this summer.

Cross Body Bags
Hands down and hands-free, the fabulous crossbody bag is ultra versatile and ever so easy to tote along, wherever you happen to go. The wide range of distinctive styles allow you to find these bags for many everyday jaunts, and while not all transition well for evening wear, many of them do. You can find them quite reasonably priced, so get yourself a casual one and a formal one–just to be set. Carrying a purse or handbag has never been easier and because of the way they’re worn they double as accent accessories to beautifully cap off the most fashionably forward summer looks.

Possibly one of the biggest fashion trends this year are all of the flattering cutouts on the market. These swimsuits, tops, dresses, skirts and pants are especially sexy and flattering. To effectively pull off this look, aim for exuding purpose and confidence as you move about, revealing all the right skin in all the right areas. This is a fashion take on the old adage, “Less is More.” So true.



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