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Stylist applying eye makeup.

Beauty Review: Best Liquid Liners and the “Outside of the Lines” Looks That are Heating up the Runways

In speaking of lines, the ones that are painted above, beneath and around women’s eyes as cosmetics can be some of the most effective ways to add dramatic beautifying effects to all eye shapes and colors. The “line” between perfect application and circus-worthiness can be blurred, but when crossed, you’ll have moved from runway-best to…

Animal print bedding.

Design Trends for Fall: From Polka Dots to Animal Prints – THESE are the Must-Have Prints This Season

While we are still lazing pool-side, basking in the remainder of summer days and sipping on ice cold lemonade through straws, fashionistas representing the top collections from New York, LA, London, Milan and Paris have been preparing for the release of the fall season’s best for 2015 everything, everywhere. As these trends emerge, they will…

Woman wearing eyelash extensions.

Beauty Review: Love Your Lashes? How One Company is Becoming Number One for the Most Lovely Lashes

Nice, thick eyelashes luxuriously frame the eye and are probably the most significant contribution that cosmetics make to the face. There have been a myriad of attempts made to formulate the ideal mascara to fortify the wearer’s existing eyelashes with volume and length, while looking natural. Supplemental or “false” eyelashes have continually evolved since their…

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