Weddings are so exciting, and being a part of a friend or family member’s big day can be an incredible experience. However, the lead up can be pretty stressful, especially on the bride. After so much time spent planning, there are still so many things that might go wrong, and that’s when the bride needs her maids the most. We all know that all we can really hope for is for the happy couple to enjoy themselves on their special day, so here are some tips to ensure that you’re doing your job as a bridesmaid.

Be There for the Bride
It’s really hard to predict how any person will react once their big day finally arrives. There could be some panic, some anxiety, or some calm excitement. The key to helping the day pass flawlessly is to try to stay attuned to the bride’s moods, and try to anticipate her needs. If there’s a problem with the florist or the dj, squash that fire before the bride hears about it—she has enough things to worry about without all the small little problems that can arise.

Keep things in perspective
Sometimes, things go wrong, and there’s nothing anyone can do to prevent or fix the problem. If things should go wrong and the bride is freaking out, try to bring light to the only important thing of the day—the fact that she is committing herself to the person she loves. In the end, every single thing could go wrong, and it wouldn’t matter because everyone will be too busy basking the love that is being shared and the vows that are being spoken.

Lots of Kleenex!
This just may be the most important tip for surviving the wedding day. Weddings are happy, and emotions run wild. You never know when those pesky tears might make their appearance, or even who will be affected by them, so make sure you’re carrying a lot of Kleenex!