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Valentine gift

Top Valentines Gifts for Your Guy

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and it’s time to turn toward thoughts of what you’re going to give you guy this year. You could rather mindlessly head over to the local drugstore and buy one of those catch-all Valentine’s Day cards and a mass-produced, heart-shaped and cellophane-wrapped box of more wannabe than authentic chocolates, like…

Couple enjoying a romantic date.

Valentine’s Day Looks

Here it comes–another Valentine’s Day–with romance, restaurants, flowers and chocolates! Every woman particularly wants to look her best for that special love interest on this day, and feel sexy and vibrant in how she appears. And as many savvy fashionistas know, you certainly don’t have to have a man to celebrate yourself on Valentine’s Day,…

Gwen Stefani

Gwen and Blake – The Latest

It was just this past August when Gwen Stefani, 46 and Gavin Rossdale, 50, made the news public that they were getting divorced. And, after 20 unbroken years of togetherness, 13 of which were while lawfully wed, all it took was one Australian-born nanny (to the couple’s three: Kingston, Zuma and Apollo) named Mindy Mann–a…

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