There are a zillion types of hair and hairstyles, so how are you to know which brush is right for YOUR hair? Brushes have been around since the beginning of time and since first introduced, have come a very long way! With the advances in “brush technology”, professionals have figured out what brush works best with which hair types and styles, so you don’t have to sacrifice your “do”.

Wide Toothed Comb
The wide-toothed comb is ideal for any type of wet hair. Perfect for combing conditioners through when wet without worrying about breakage. Wide-toothed combs are highly recommended for longer hairstyles and especially for thinner hair types.

Boar’s Hair Brush
Not the most gentle of brushes, the boar’s hair brush is a great styling tool. This type of brush is really great for shorter hair styles and paired with a hair dryer, the boar’s hair brush is used for just about any hair style, leaving hair smooth and shiny.

A Pic
Pics are generally used for curlier hairstyles. These tools are superb for keeping curls intact without causing frizz. Another great comb for hair that is permed also. Pics are a hair tool that stylists are known for teasing hair and needed for updos that will stay put for long periods of time.

Round Brushes
Round brushes are a basic hair tool used for almost any hair type and style. A little tougher on long hair, the round brush is great for straightening hair and styling. This brush paired with a dryer, can act as a curling iron without damaging the hair.

Fine-Tooth Comb
Also used for teasing hair, the fine tooth comb is not advised for actual combing, unless you WANT to rip and break hair. A prime styling tool, this comb is great for all hair lengths and styles.

Paddle Brushes
The perfect brush for long hair and removing tangles gently. Paddle brushes are usually larger and look like their name – a paddle. They generally have shorter bristles that are spaced apart somewhat wider than a round brush. Paddle brushes are an essential brush for shoulder length hair and longer.

With the correct brush, your hair will stay healthier, longer and styling will be easier – a win, win, win for you!