You don’t have to walk the red carpet to need gorgeous accessories to enhance your look. The right jewelry can flatter your professional profile in the office or update your look for a hot, weekend date. The right earrings will bring out the most beautiful features in your face and perfectly complement your outfit.

Here are some of the top jewelry designers that are creating eye-catching earrings and other pieces that are being worn by celebrities and tastemakers everywhere:

Sarah & Sebastian
Sarah Gittoes and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki are the designers behind this jewelry line, which is characterized by understated elegance and a timeless look. These dainty pieces are made with simple lines, such as single gold rings. Yet the designs are unique in the way they play with defying expectations. For example, hoops are broken and attached at unique angles.

Laurel Hill
Don’t confuse this designer with the iconic songstress. Laurel Hill creates jewelry that combines a rustic and modern look, with earth-tone metals and geometric designs. As a bonus, this Montana-based designer creates all her jewelry with sustainability in mind. When you buy pieces from her line, you can feel good knowing that you will look good while also doing good for the environment.

Ax + Apple
This isn’t another design team, despite the collection’s name. Jamie Lyn is the designer of this boho collection, which repurposes pieces from pocket watches and other oddities to create interesting new jewelry pieces. The pieces combine different materials, textures and tones for a unique look.

Brooke Gregson
If you like a more traditionally feminine look, the designs of Brooke Gregson might be for you. Large glass cabochons are layered together for a gorgeous yet trendy look. These pieces are the perfect way to add more personality to a formal look or to dress up a more casual look.

Start shopping for some beautiful new earrings or other jewelry pieces today. You’ll have the latest look, and you’ll be turning heads wherever you go. All your friends will be asking where you bought your gorgeous new jewelry.