Your wife will wear her engagement ring her whole life, so you want to choose something special that fits her personal style. The solitaire diamond on a simple band is a popular and timeless style, but it is also a style you will see on the hand of just about every married woman you know. Consider something different to give your beloved something truly special.

Here are a few of the hottest trends in engagement rings this year to consider:

Colorful Stones
White diamonds have long been the most popular choice for engagement rings, but colored diamonds are making a big impact right now, as are colored gemstones. Consider an engagement ring with a pink or canary diamond or even a sapphire or ruby. Thanks to the major price difference between these stones and diamonds, you will be able to choose a much larger one. Of course, after selecting the perfect stone, surrounding it with multiple diamonds is a must! Your fiancé will have a unique ring that will be the envy of everyone she sees.

Rose Gold
The color of the engagement ring band has also been limited to either gold or silver (or white gold). This popular and unique metal has shown up in and out of a few decades, rising to extreme popularity in the 90’s. Rose gold is becoming a popular choice once again, and it adds a little color to the band, where there traditionally has been none. You can pair a rose gold band with a white diamond, or you can choose a colorful diamond with the band to make a bold design.

Vintage Designs
What’s old is always new again. Vintage rings are very popular right now. You can either try your luck by shopping at vintage boutiques, or you can work with a jeweler to create a custom design that is inspired by vintage styles. You may want to work together to come up with the perfect “rustic” look, making the ring even more special. Either way, you will get a ring that is elegant and timeless.

That’s right, many women are opting to steer clear of stones altogether and getting creative with simple bands. From one thick band to multiple layered and thinner bands to diamond encrusted bands, these rings are more comfortable and more price friendly – a great thing for those couples starting out on a shoestring budget. Just because it doesn’t boast a 3 karat diamond, doesn’t mean it can’t LOOK like it costs an arm and a leg. Get creative with smaller, multiple diamond placement – making your ring one of a kind AND gorgeous!

You should only buy one engagement ring in your life. Make sure you choose the right ring for the right lady. Remember it’s not always the size of the stone, but the meaning behind it. Many people are selecting family heirlooms that are set in more modern bands and special sayings or meaningful phrases. You don’t need to spend a fortune to express your love in a unique way! Check out some of these trends to find something beautiful for your beloved.