Food trucks are hot right now. These aren’t the mobile street meat vendors of yore. These are like traveling gourmet restaurants and chic cafes. You can try out some amazing, award-winning food at some food trucks. We’ve rounded up some of the best food trucks in the country. Here’s what you need to try the next time you are in town or these food trucks join a rodeo near you:

La Table Crepes
Order up some delicious sweet or savory crepes from this truck the next time you’re in Salt Lake City. All crepes are made to order with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Try out savory crepes like the chicken peso or the ham and cheese, or indulge in one of the sweet crepes like the dulce de leche and strawberry or the cinnamon roll crepe. From dinner to dessert, this truck has it all!

Sun Kim Bop
Get amazing Korean food at this popular Michigan food truck. The menu blends traditional Korean food with American favorites, such as kimchi tacos and rice bun bop burgers. You can also get classic Korean dishes like bowls of bibimbop – this is the food truck that is bringing an amazing taste of the orient to the states.

Learn how great vegan and vegetarian food can taste at this Portland-based food truck. The menu includes gluten-free plant-based dishes that draw from everything from Asian to Italian cuisine. Some popular choices include the Five-Spice Bowl and the bulgogi soy curls. Who says you can’t eat healthy AND delicious? This is the food truck that proves it can happen!

DiSO’s Italian Sandwich Society
Where better to get an amazing sandwich than New York City? This food truck delivers delicious Italian deli sandwiches with smoked meats, cheeses and more. All the bread is made fresh, and all the sandwiches are named after famous mobsters for a fun twist. Thousands of people can’t be wrong and as you stand in line – usually 30-40 people deep for this popular truck – you know you’re about to get something delicious!

Cousin’s Maine Lobster
Literally, fresh off the boat, Cousin’s Maine Lobster found it’s ticket to fame when they appeared on Shark Tank and won over the heart of female shark, Barbara Corcoran. The freshest lobster from Maine is flown all around the country to bring that signature flavor to people all over. Known for their infamous Lobster Rolls, these buttery sandwiches are gaining momentum and becoming one of the most populat food trucks anywhere.

Look for the latest Food Truck Rodeos in your town – these are the pinnacle of Food Truck rallys! Everything you could possibly imagine and every food you love and never dreamed of can be found at these dream come true fairs. Trying out new foods is one of the best parts of traveling. Make sure you look for these food trucks on your next trip or request a food truck by going online and asking to be added to your favorite trucks schedule.