Breakfast is believed to be the most important meal of the day, and said to be the meal where you’re allowed to eat more than at lunch or dinner, but as most people have discovered, if you eat a big breakfast, you’ll spend the next few hours or more desperately wishing you could go to bed. The following U.S. restaurants are surely going to be locations where you eat beyond your full point–but, hey–it’s breakfast, so you can skip lunch and eat a lite dinner, right? Read on:

King 5 Noodle House, 39-07 Prince Street; Flushing, NY
A specialty of this Taiwanese breakfast delight hotspot begins with the way breakfast starts. You’re given tiao (“oil sticks,”) which are long strips of puffed up dough that is fried in a deep fat fryer to the ultimate crispy-chewy texture. Next, they’re dunked in bowls of  hot, sugared soy milk. What you get is an unparalleled taste treat of fused-to-perfection salty and sweet. At King 5, carbs rule, with sticky rice rolls, flaky sesame cakes and sumptuously savory scallion pancakes.

Anzu, 222 Mason St. San Francisco, CA
Here is the most delightful Japanese breakfast you will find in California, and perhaps the entire U.S. Time to dine on their buffet, featuring scrumptiously prepared rice with raw egg dish called gohan, or sliced fish cakes, miso soup, broiled salted salmon and spiced seaweed. Anzu is renowned for its captivating epicurean originality. The ambiance is stunningly gorgeous. Order a la carte or the buffet, with a la carte items like Green tea waffles with chicken katsudon, spicy maple aioli and arugula, Anzu Eggs Benedict with wasabi hollandaise and Avocado Toast with soft boiled eggs and blistered cherry tomatoes with pork belly.

Quaker Diner, 319 Park Rd., West Hartford, Conn
The sign required special zoning approval but locals fought to keep the oversized monument that represents the simplicity of the restaurant. Simple magnificence runs throughout every dish, hash, eggs, pancakes and toast. Marvelously good and simple.

Mana Foods, 49 Baldwin Ave. Paia, Maui, Hawaii
At this Hawaiian breakfast deli oasis, the breakfast burrito contains every possible food ingredient imaginable, with eggs joined by rice, bacon, onions, sausage and beans, and topped with sour cream and a delightful sprinkling of cheddar cheese. The good news is that the chefs exercise moderation in loading these concoctions up, with perfect portions of each separate delicious ingredient. Enjoy shopping at the bakery and the full grocery store. Everything is made fresh daily from scratch, with 10 chefs in the kitchen.

Ann Sather, Four Chicago Il Locations
Here is where you can enjoy delightfully prepared Swedish breakfast. their most famous lure is the Ann Sather cinnamon bun, which is reported to be the size of a baby’s head. These are a local legend, and the pride of all Chicago office workers around. Pure and delish–sugar, flour, secret spice and butter. Here you can dine on a savory Crab Cakes Omelet, variety of breakfast wraps or Build Your Own Omelet, with an impressive list of add-ins.