Perhaps it’s a sign of the times, in that fashion in every sense seems to be moving away from the less imaginative, monochromatic subtlety of yore into a more eye-popping, sometimes jaw-dropping era of splash and pizazz. This is especially true when it comes to eyewear, as we see many aspects of how glasses are now being designed to reflect the fun and pizazz of the moment. Let’s break it down into exact components, to see just how many elements of glasses are transitioning to a new beat.

In terms of obvious change, the color of the frame of glasses tends to be the first thing people notice, and then the shape. This year, it’s no holes barred, as we see all sorts of noteworthy color and color combos being applied to the design of eyewear frames. Additionally it’s currently “in” to add clever clip-on shaded pieces in light, unobtrusive colored faux lenses to the fronts of the glasses. Subdued but statement-oriented, nonetheless, like subtle yellows and pinks. Consumers of eyewear in search of new frames will be impressed by the variety of colors from which they can make their selection.

Go Bright (or Go Home?)
It sort of goes along with the burgeoning trend for more color and bolder looks, but it was worth mentioning, just the same. Of course, color has everything to do with bright, duh.

White, a Timeless Classic
White frames have gone in and out of style over the years, however today’s white-framed glasses are bolder than ever, with innovative shapes and sultry intrigue. Not everyone can pull off wearing white frames, but those who can, do it beautifully! Some feature funky and even chunky-ish metal hardware that adds even more personality and attitude. Stunning look, if you can do it.

Go Retro
This is another highly impressive and interesting comeback that is sure to draw attention be a conversation starter. Hail to the renovation of making absolutely glamorous and chic frames for retro glasses. This eyewear of “yesterday” echoes the style of the feminine and glamorous ladies of those times, but with a really fresh and groovy attitude, including the introduction of new, experimental shapes, oversizing and, of course, trendy and “now” interpretations of what preceded, back in the day.

Semi-Rimless Construction
New and exciting, designers of eyeglasses have taken to framing only one half of the glasses (or leaving a gap between the two lines of frames going above and below the glasses) for a fresh take on how we think of eyewear in 2015. Again, color choices can greatly influence the impact of this design craze. These may not be the perfect glasses if you have a toddler or two at home, however they are a lot of fun, if you can keep them away from little, curious fingers.