As work, exercise and social obligations continue to become more avid day-stealers, they’re actively depleting people everywhere from any semblance of a quality life in all other areas. Among the peace-robbing power of keeping all of life’s compulsories at bay, rather unfair prioritization must be made on a continual basis, and often, the choice is between leaving two or more critically important needs undone. There are important responsibilities to maintain your domicile, both inside and out, then there is laundry, acquiring and preparing foods for meals, cleaning, extracurricular involvements from a myriad of purposes. These could be anything from simply attending meetings regularly, all the way to participating in community outreach events. And then, for families with kids, the critical responsibilities kind of increase concurrently with the number, although the general consensus is that lessons, memberships and other forms of joining decrease significantly with the increase of mouths to feed. What this translates to is that time constraints don’t all come from the number of people living under one roof, but more so, the number of people and critters to feed under that roof.

The Guilt Factor
The human tendency is to develop a feeling of guilt, proportionate with the number of compromises made. The greater guilt-producers occur when the compromise involves letting any living creature under your care go without something they need or even want. This goes for a significant other, kids pets of all kinds and even houseplants. This is a major force behind the burgeoning industry of appropriately priced purchases made, to say “I’m sorry,” without it seeming contrived or by using the words of others, like Hallmark cards. Many see how the majority of people attempting to make up for less attention by investing into the pet industry are creating a huge demand for top of the line products, services and treats for today’s pets.

Too Much, and Just Enough
The pet industry knows this, and our guilt has represented a huge boon to the growth of the realm of pet foods, treats, toys, bedding and everything else pet-related. Pet owning consumers have responded to the innovations and improvements gloriously, by scarfing up everything as fast as they can. If you are among the more cash-restricted among pet owners, the abundance of such pet finery might just produce in you a greater sense of guilt, which is not uncommon. At holiday time, however, the amazing variety of pet related items make shopping for your little or big critters a breeze.

Your Dog: The wearable fashions never end, when it comes to canine critters, and add to these some really practical coats with a nice number of pockets for carrying stuff–Fido’s or yours. Winter shoes are available, but some dogs can’t get used to these. Try some exotic sounding treats like duck, lung and parts unnameable that dogs love. Balls, chew toys you can fill with different edible faves for your pup are good. Bedding just for your dog will thrill him.

Your Cat: Anything your cat can crawl into, like a self-warming kitty sack that’s made with quick warming filler. Other bedding is available too, with the best being able to give your kitty a feeling of enclosure and privacy. Cats can be very picky when it comes to eating, so stick to what you know she’ll like when it comes to gift foods and treats. Scratching posts and carpet covered cat trees for climbing are always good, and toys that move in erratic motions draw playful interaction from cats. Cat crinkle tunnels are a lot of fun. If you give your kitty catnip, make sure it’s a quality brand that will work.

Your Bird: Birds love golden sunburst millet, and for your fruit lover, try a clever papaya ball, to hang in the cage. There are fabric covered and comfy-lined hanging bird tents you can add to the cage menagerie, as well as tons of holiday inspired bird toys and bird treats that can hang a while on the Christmas tree, to be later transferred to the cage.

Your Fish: Why not give your aquarium a new backdrop to change out their scenario? Keep their faves, but give them some new rocks or plants to play among. Remember to choose new play pals wisely. Tank cleaning additions are always helpful. New tank lighting is a great way to snazz up the look of your tank. Try one of the new Fluval LED setups.

Your Reptile: Enhance your reptilian environment with an under-tank heater, some floating food sticks, or some specially processed reptilian sand, in different beautiful shades of red, white and black. Made of natural quartz this sand substrate is safe and stimulates digging and burrowing.

Your Horse: Your horse will love playing with his own horse ball. These balls are tough and can withstand the frequent play they’ll prompt. Horses love to play with balls in the pasture and stable by kicking and chasing them about. They come in different vivid colors and different sizes. Give him added ankle protection with his own set of brushing boots that are lightweight and preferably closed cell neoprene–the premium material. They’ll resist all forms of weather and are non-absorbent. Added padding strike pads provide even more protection.