Each year, thousands of fitness gurus are polled by the American College of Sports Medicine to share their thoughts on what will become the most popular workout trends in the months that follow. In 2012, it was Zumba–remember? 2015 brings some new innovations that are sure to give your workout efforts more fun and also more of a challenge at times. But that’s the point, right? Get reading and get going!

At the Top of the List is the Least Expensive Workout of All
At the very top spot, you’ll find that classes involving high intensity interval training have been replaced in popularity by an increasing focus on body-weight training classes, which can be performed in a much wider variety of places, even outside of a gym, and it’s the least expensive workout around. All you need is your own body weight. A latecomer to the surveys, body-weight training now ranks #1.

HIIT Classes
In the second-numbering spot trending in workout classes, there’s HIIT, short for high intensity interval training involves in a total commitment directed 100% during “bursts” of intense exercise, with short, less active periods of recovery in between the bursts. Burns more fat keeps your heart rate up. It’s no surprise that the class type environment makes this form of working out a lot easier. Classes are available in a wide range of difficulties, too. In the next successive workout lineup is strength- training classes, in their many varieties. As for Spinning and even Zumba–they are apparently on their way out, dropping drastically in terms of their popularity.

Do U-Need Unnata?
Unnata is a type of yoga that is the brainchild of aerial performer Michelle Dortignac, who is also a certified yoga instructor. It manages to integrate the best of yoga and aerial suspension in a wonderful, low, low impact process of gently extending range of motion. Class members are situated in a soft, fabric hammock that is securely suspended from on high, and therefore given many benefits that can not be accomplished in other somewhat limited forms of yoga and stretching.

Transformer With DISQ
Transformer with DISQ is emerging as a highly popular group fitness class that is centered around a mobile piece of resistance fitness equipment called DISQ. So far, these classes are only offered exclusively at locations in the bigger cities, but in time, they will surely spread, judging from the immense popularity they have already gained among workout classes. You wear ankle straps that are connected to a belt by adjustable resistance cords. At the other end is a handle for you to hold in your hand, with resistance that you regulate by a notch on the belt itself. No changing bands is necessary. These classes are so very joint friendly while providing a great full body workout.