Who wouldn’t want to visit Hawaii at some point in their lifetime? From the striking scenery to the amazing foods, erupting volcanoes and non-stop surfing, Hawaii has it ALL! Choosing the best islands in Hawaii is a little like choosing between chocolate cake and chocolate truffles or between Channing Tatum and Liam Hemsworth. There really are no bad choices, so how do you narrow it down to the “best?”

Hawaii is a tropical paradise that has something to offer everyone, whether you are an adventurer at heart of simply need a relaxing vacation in a tropical paradies. Here are a few of the best islands based on the unique features they have to offer and the reputation they have among travelers:

Maui is one of Hawaii’s most popular islands thanks to its gorgeous beaches and exceptional hiking opportunities. The beaches offer everything from huge waves for surfing to quiet coves for snorkeling and diving. You can also sit on the shore and spot whales on the horizon. While countless movies have been shot in Maui, there is a great reason for this – you cannot beat the views! No matter where you go on this famous island, you are surrounded by nature’s finest landscapes.

Hiking opportunities include trails that wind through bamboo forests, around gorgeous waterfalls, and through a volcano. When you’re done with a hike, you can eat at one of the many restaurants that use locally sourced ingredients.

Hawaii actually has a rich, native history and culture. Moloka’i has one of the largest populations of indigenous Hawaiian people (more than 50 percent of the population), and it is the home of some historical landmarks, like the Saint Damien national park honoring America’s first saint. You can also tour the Halaway Valley to see ancient temples, waterfalls, and taro fields. Imagine exploring some of the world’s most breathtaking, ancient landmarks in the most beautiful place on earth. If action and adventure are not for you, this Hawaiian island is the perfect combination of once in a lifetime history lessons.

Hawaii is the name of the largest island in the group, as well. Hawaii has the world’s most active volcano, rainforests, gorgeous hiking trails, and amazing waterfalls. You can look for dolphins and sea turtles on the beaches, snorkel in huge coral reefs, participate in traditional hula dancing, and much more. The island has a bit to offer everyone. Nightly luaus and hula dancers are all part of the Hawaiian island experience and even though these are considered to be tourist attractions, that’s ok – it’s worth the label!

While you can’t go wrong with ANY of the Hawaiian islands, check out each one for specific attractions that fit what you and your family like – each island holds it’s own special attractions. Plan your perfect vacation to Hawaii this year and make sure to visit one of these top islands. This is likely a one time vacay, so go all out! You’ll have a vacation that you and your travel companions will never forget!