Skin is THE one thing that people always think of protecting when going out into the summer sun, but hair, being the closest area on the body to the sun, can get really damaged without proper protection.

Leave it In!
Of course, there is the always awesome leave in conditioner, but not everyone is crazy about this hair product as it may leave your hair lifeless and even greasy looking. So another option is when you wash and condition your hair, it may feel unnatural, but as you rinse the conditioner out, leave a little in – just enough to feel “slick”. This left over conditioner will fill in the shafts of the follicles, protecting the entire strand.

Soak Hair before Swimming
This is a GREAT trick of the trade! Before swimming at the pool or in the ocean, soak your hair in regular water – plumping up the hair follicles will keep the good water in and the damaging water out. This is also an inexpensive trick that really does work!

Wear a Hat
The most obvious and effective way to protect your hair is to just wear a hat. Like clothes that contain specified SPF’s, hats are also available that offer a little extra protection from that giant fireball in the sky.

Olive Oil
Yep, who would’ve thought that this delicious cooking oil has so many healing properties AND protective qualities as well. Once you wet hair with fresh water, apply a conservative amount of olive oil (approximately a dime sized amount) starting at the ends, work your way up the length of your hair.

Once damaged, there are hundreds of moisturizing options that range from deep conditioning to hot oils that rejuvenate the hair. Prevention is key though when it comes to maintaining healthy hair during those hot months.

If hair gets extremely damaged during the scorching summer days, it’s time to see a professional, your hairstylist. There are several new deep moisturizing products that only your stylist will have that will make even the most dry and “crunchy” hair feel soft and silky within a matter of minutes.