With another summer season of fun and festivities, everyone will be spending a lot more time out of doors, and that means it’s going to be time to start gearing up with protecting our skin from outdoor damages. Not only are we outside more, our summer clothing covers a bit less skin, meaning that there’s more skin to protect. Even if skin cancer weren’t on the table, there would still be the whole issue with how sun exposure can pack a wallop, when it comes to looking prematurely old and wrinkled. Think of the two words, exposure and damage as being one in the same, and then you’ll feel more inspired to do more than dress up and get out there. Being able to expand your play area to include the great outdoors is something you should be able to do whenever the weather cooperates, and you can. It just requires a little advance preparation, properly executed, and you’ll enjoy all the summer ambiance you have time for this year!

The Duality of Sun Exposure
While it seems that all anyone ever talks about these days is how bad the sun is, and how you can get skin cancer and damaged skin and how everybody needs to make sure they have a protective barrier on all exposed skin–and maintain it–every day, Sunlight is not all bad. We could not see to get around without it, and in fact, this would be a very cold place, if it were not for the sun’s light. All kidding aside–exposure to the sun is an ideal way to soak up on Vitamin D. The worst time to be exposed to the sun is between the hours of 10 AM and 2 PMm, when the sun is most directly “raining down” a whopping 10% UVA, and a 90% UVB. The ideal length of time to spend out in the sun (and on either side of that dangerous time window,) is a strict limit of 15 minutes. You don’t want “Melanoma” to become part of your life.

Just do These, and Enjoy Your Summer
With a little proper protection, you’ll be able to play and stay outside, while being worry-free and safe. Some good tips to follow are here.

  • Sunscreen UP: Make sunscreen a habit–winter, summer, spring, fall, sun, rain, inside or out–sunlight is always reaching you during the day. While a level of 30 offers the minimum of protection you need, make sure the product you use covers both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Cleansing: Some cleansers increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun. If yours contains salicylic or glycolic acid, only use it at bedtime. Both of these acids are effective exfoliation methods, as they loosen dead skin cells and promote new cell turnover. Neither are good on sensitive or dry skin, though.
  • Moisturizing: While there are some great non-oily moisturizers now for oily skin, look for a moisturizer (regardless of your skin type,) that contains SPF, to keep wrinkles, freckles and sunspots out of the picture.
  • Eye and Lip Protection that Works: The skin around your eyes, particularly, is the most delicate, and requires special protection. Load up on the protective creams before exposure to the sun, and afterwards, following cleansing, treat these special areas to an emollient, restorative cream for sleeping while it works.
  • “Extreme Measures:” Don’t forget those extremities, your neck, chest, hands and feet. Any skin you can see should be protected. Always carry an Oil-free moisturizer containing 30 SPF in your purse, and wait 20 minutes before going outside after your first application for the day, then continue to reapply based on what you’re doing, and as directed.