This year promises to be a shopper’s dream, with oodles of advanced designs manifesting in the form of kitchen gadgets that will inspire, entertain and mostly–take the humdrum out of practically every culinary task imaginable.

What Bright Colors Tell Us
As color schemes for kitchen colors tend to be relatively cyclical, and experts share that a prevalence of brighter colors among shoppers’ choices is a clear indication that the economy is improving. Go figure. They add that an improved economy prompts shoppers to be willing to take more “fashion” risks, like in buying pink spatulas and polka dot thing a ma jigs. Makes sense, actually. And the good news is that bright is back, in 2015. But that’s not all. Much of the biggest housewares and gadgets are emerging from today’s families desiring healthy, and fast!

“Welcome to My Kitchen…er, I Mean Laboratory
A myriad of impressive food feats are now doable in home kitchens that previously were impossible to achieve. With a number of prepackaged kitchen tool kits for home use, priced from around $30 to $200, the home chef can create concoctions like white cranberry foam and balsamic vinegar pearls, right in the comfort of their own kitchen. Such endeavors fall under the guise of molecular gastronomy, and promise to be radical game changers for how we will forever perceive the home-cooked meal.

A Consolidated Effort
Big on the minds of today’s consumers is finding appliances that are capable of handling more than just one task. Known as multi-functional devices, their popularity has emerged from how well they save space, money and time–and smoothly simplify life that otherwise gets easily overloaded with tedious and labor intensive details. We can expect to see a lot more innovation emerging from this mindset, especially as cities everywhere continue to be more densely populated, there will be an eventual reduction in the size of living spaces. Bellini has released their Intelli Kitchen Master, which impressively chops, minces, whips, kneads, blends and stirs. But wait–that’s not all:(No, this is not an infomercial!) This little marvel can also cook, fry and steam a myriad of foods and come complete with LED display screen.

Expect to see rice cookers that make yogurt, personal grain mills, sushi rolling devices and (good news for the economy) bold, vivid prints for retro appliances like refrigerators and toasters.