If you are like most women, your vanity or bathroom counter is bristling with different curling irons to achieve different looks. Imagine instead a four part curling iron that enables you to switch out barrels for different sized curls.

The Lionesse beauty four part professional curling iron is essentially four curling irons in one, and professional quality at that.

Glove and all pieces of Lionesse 4P Curling IronProduct Features and Benefits
With a professional case to hold all its components, the Lionesse 4P curling iron is ready to use without cluttering your bathroom counter with multiple cords and the resulting necessity of outlet extensions.

Its features include:
• Four separate interchangeable clipless barrels to provide different sized curls, each with aluminum Teflon coating to provide just the right rip without stick
• Three of the clipless barrels are straight (measuring at thirty two millimeters diameter, twenty five millimeters diameter, and nineteen millimeters diameter, respectively) while the fourth is tapered from twenty five millimeters at the base to eighteen at the tip.
• Easy to use temperature control with heat up to four hundred degrees Fahrenheit
• Iron heats within just a few minutes
• Travel ready with dual voltage options.

Holding the Lionesse 4P Curler set with the smallest barrelWhat Users Like About the Product
The interchangeable barrels provide the ability to make different sized curls, from the larger and looser to the tight ringlets. It’s easy, too, to combine several different sizes of curls in a single hairdo. The barrels themselves slip on to the handle with a simple motion, after lining up the rod on the handle with the hole in the barrel.

Each of the barrels also has a heat protected grip that enables the user to remove the barrel even when hot, making way for a different size. Simply click the release button to remove the hot barrel and snap the next one in place.

Women who have not yet used a clipless barrel on a curling iron may be puzzled at first, wondering how the hair is supposed to stay in place on the barrel long enough to create a curl. In actual practice, the barrel itself grips the hair when a curl wraps around it, and creates a natural curl without the “crimps” that often happen near the ends of hair with a clip iron.

This curling iron set is a standard among hairstylists and salon owners, but is available to the general public as well.

Curling hair with the Lionesse 4P Curling IronFeatures That People May Not Like About the Product
The price of this iron may seem steep to some people at first glance, but with the quality of the product and the fact that it essentially combines four curling irons in one, the price is absolutely reasonable.

For a salon quality curling iron set that you can use at home, try the Lionesse 4p iron.

If you hate the fact that you have to pay for a salon style if you want to look really great, consider the option of getting a salon quality iron at home. If you count your savings at the hairstylist, you might come out ahead over the long run.