As the eternal axiom informs the winter-weary, “March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb,” and regardless of whether you have finished fully packing up all your holiday trappings, and whether or not you are ready to dive into another seasonal change, the next one stands poised to steal the show, being just around that invisible corner, inherent somewhere in every March. And now, less than one month away, the opportunities to glide down the sidewalk in that fabulous winter coat you just found will be dwindling down, until at last, you’ll be hanging it in a more sequestered spot, for safe storage until another time, in around five or so months, depending on how Ma Nature chooses to behave. In the meantime, a whole world of lightweight fashion fun awaits you, with new trending flair that is sure to bring pleasure to your spring mixing and matching. There are some spring 2016 fashion targets that are going to fly off the racks, once they hit the stores.

Wonderful Spring 2016 Fashion Wins
There’s nothing stopping you from getting a head start in rocking the top trends of 2016, as they were presented to the world in impressive glory. Some visionary ensembles proudly made their flashy debut–one after another– all smoothly gliding down all of the Fashion Week runways. We were shown marvelously sexy bared shoulders and a new regime of dress that is obviously inspired by a lingerie influence. The classic white shirt is showing up with a new slant to deliver rethinking this fashion basic like never before. There were more than a few relatively common denominators among what we can all anticipate seeing in a few weeks, popping up like tender early crocuses, in a colorful respite of winter’s end. This spring, it’s all about making bolder statements, from casual weekend wear to a fully amped-up office appeal.

Sumptuous Shoulders Showing Up
We’re going to be seeing a lot of impressive views of shoulders, thanks to cleverly designed cutouts that reveal creative inspiration in shoulder revealing elegance. These looks are all top sophisticated, and totally fun to wear.  Some openness extends from the collarbone and plunge down to the arm’s bend. Cooler, more breathable and obviously sexier!

Back to White Basics
The standard white shirt is more dramatic, bigger, more billowy and distinctively different for girls now. We have more buttons, more and bigger ruffles, cut-outs, slashes and pleats to make every white shirt a stand alone statement–a sure favorite spring essential for every cool look.

Slip into This
With “Fresh out of the boudoir” inspiration, underthings are trading places, and lingerie inspiration is everywhere. Yes, each one is loaded with sexy appeal, giving a dramatic edge to the slinky silhouette that are wearing them. New fabrics shine with unprecedented flavor to lure and impress.

More to Come
Dazzling combos of dynamic contrast, featuring smooth style from materials like leather with lace, and denim with feathers. Look for folds that form the most defining sculpture for pleats that pick up where the former style element reserved for school uniforms and cumber bunds left off. Ruffles are big, with a lot of feminine mystique added to some new cool more graphically sculptured forms.