Monogramming is fast becoming the hottest trend to hit the wedding industry in a long time. It is highly personal and shows a lot of consideration and thoughtfulness went into anything bearing one. What most people do not know is that in order to be an authentic monogram, three letters are needed. Anything less is considered initialing. This doesn’t mean that you must use all three letters, but if you are the type of event planner who likes to show that she knows her stuff, by all means, include three letters, with the middle one representing the last name.

Even More Detail
Maiden monogram is different from married/joint monogram. The maiden form of monogram follows the aforementioned middle letter from the last name, and slightly larger, with the first name to the left and the middle name to the right. Once married, the joint monogram displays the couple’s married surname larger and in the middle, with the wife’s first name to the left, and the husband’s first name to the right. Monograms are a rich element of family heirlooms, and now, with contemporary last names being hyphenated and such, there are sure to be some tricky considerations requiring some new innovation.

Wait Till You’re Married
While it’ll be very tempting to proceed with using that joint monogram on things before you’re married, resist the urge. It’ll make your first time all the more special. During the wedding, why not debut your new monogram in many ways like:

  • Have it illuminated right on the dance floor, or arrange with a sign company to provide a large vinyl monogram that is easy to remove.
  • Your aisle runner is the perfect place to feature your NEW monogram!
  • If you have menus, feature it there.
  • Make sure to order those monogrammed thank you notes and stationery before the wedding but to use after.
  • Feature your joint monogram on your wedding cake.
  • Give your guests favor bags that are monogrammed with your new initials.
  • It is more practical to leave off your wedding date so you can continue to use your new monogram for a myriad of purposes in your life together.
  • Your wedding napkins and any other paper products.

Monogrammed Wedding Gifts
Adding monograms to wedding gifts gives them a really special touch. Among the most popular monogrammed wedding gifts are those that are embroidered with a monogram, such as both bath towels and beach towels, pillows, bed linens, kitchen utensils and glassware. If any of the couple’s registry gifts offer the option of monogramming, make sure to order it with the new, married monogram. Candlesticks, service pieces luggage pieces and linens all make a distinctive wedding gift. If you are interested in browsing the Internet, you will be able to get many fun ideas for gifts to give the soon to be married couple that can all be monogrammed for extra meaning.

We would love to hear from you! Tell us about your favorite place to monogram when it comes to weddings!