Any evaluation of specific styles for any phase of life (and especially pregnancy,) should first be subjected to a deeper investigation of the target reader’s particular paradigm. Currently leading in the pregnancy trending world, you’ll find Kate Middleton at one end, with her aristocratic air and all the requirements she must be held to, as a British Royal widely in the spotlight. And at the far other end, we find Kim (Mrs. Mama West?) Kardashian, whose freedom from propriety-driven requirements and restrictions of any kind, and the way she flaunts it, is the only motivating force behind her wild popularity. Polar opposites? Yes. Both mommies to be? Yes. Will the styles they display produce a significant number of shopping choices and trends for regular folks like you and me? You bet!

Kate Middleton showing off her baby bump.

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Starting With What Kate’s Been Spotted Wearing for the Second Time Around
If you are Kate Middleton, you have a lot of attention and pressure to always, first and foremost, display decorum and modesty. And the Duchess of Cambridge does it so well. She loves recycling her outfits, and she is a great role model, as she shows her fondness for wearing clothing that is truly affordable–meaning it’s easy for her fan base to follow her styles. With the world watching her every move, Kate Middleton’s pregnancy outfit selections include a lot of black accessories with pastel and bright colored solids that may feature patterned pockets and/or hemlines. Most are quite modest and not form fitting, and therefore less pregnancy-revealing, however there was one particular gorgeous gown she wore to London’s Natural History Museum that seemed to push the envelop containing the royal rules more than ever with a baby blue Jenny Packham dress that was form fitting, floor-reaching in the back and managed to show a daring view of her beautiful skin-colored stocking-ed legs. She complemented the look with some sexy open toed L.K. Bennett ankle strap heels and a matching oval clutch purse.

Kim K with her baby bump.

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Showing More of Kim Than Ever?
On the other end of the spectrum, Kim Kardashian is showing up, not surprisingly, with her sexy hourglass figure draped in–wait! Not “draped in” anything! A better descriptive would be “poured into” whatever her pregnancy outfit at the time might be. Even detractors will have to admit, she sports one of the sexiest pregnancy bodies, ever. And so, we have KK flaunting her baby bump form to the max, with typically skintight monochromatic ensembles. And nobody is complaining, Kim. And she’s even accessorizing with items not particularly associated with maternity wear, like waist-cinching wide belts that create a dividing line between her upper and lower halves. The Armenian beauty is certainly not showing signs of pregnancy like water retention, and she is showing her stuff with those trademark stilettos of hers.