Since the dawn of time, women have sought ways to decorate themselves, and the most likely place to begin has typically been with the hair. In the Stone Age, the accessories of the day were bones, and then over time, they became more refined and artistic and finally decorative. Hair accessories have a way of evening out the playing field for women everywhere, as women with all hair types and all hair volumes can effectively use the right accessories to augment their hair and hairstyle to make it look perfect. Conversely, choosing the wrong accents for your hair can make you look simply ridiculous. It’s good to proceed with a little caution, but don’t stop having fun, no matter what!

Styling Your Hair With Accessories
When you are adding one or several accessories to a hairstyle, you might want to lightly spritz your hair beforehand with a little mist or even applying a tad of styling gel to make it last longer without falling out of place. Some of the most popular hair wear trends now are:

  • French Twist Combs: These hold twists in place, including varieties on the French twist. Includes buns and your own creative up-dos. A classy look.
  • Hair “Sticks”: These give you and your hair a touch of Asian mystique, and are easy to use.
  • Snoods: If you crochet or know anyone who does, these are easy and quick to make, and you can use yarn with glittery tinsel threads for an added measure of dressy, for fancier occasions. A really feminine look, and covers up whatever state your hair might be in. Pair a snood with some dangling earrings.
  • Renaissance Rolls: These take the conventional ponytail and give it a regal image of old world flair.

Hair Bands
These can be made of cloth (stretchy or not,) metal, wood, bone and more. Originally called a fillet, the intention was to keep the hair pulled securely away from the face while allowing it to remain long and flowing, in the back.

Other Popular Effects for Your Hair
All in all, hair accessorizing has not changed all that much, and if something ever worked, chances are it can work again. Many of the hairdo pieces that were popularized centuries ago included feathers, jewels, snoods and more are still being worn today, and with much success. Remember, the best effects celebrate your hair.

The No-Nos
One of the most important considerations in choosing hair accessories and ornamentation is found in whether or not anything could cause permanent damage to your hair. Avoid extra large ornamentation that stands alone and does not complement what you are wearing. Don’t wear hair effects that will leave you constantly fidgeting with them or running back and forth to the bathroom for adjustments. Avoid thin tiebacks and true rubber bands. Look for covered rubber bands that are thick. The thicker the better.