The hand held hair dryers we now take for granted were not that long ago, unimagined by women confined to bonnet hair dryers. Such powerful tools for exacting the most precise hair styling effects for all hair types did not exist in most minds of the times. And surely, even a subpar blow dryer is a marked improvement from every other form of hair drying that preceded it, why not avail yourself of the latest technology that supersedes in every element of performance and results–AND is far gentler on your tender tresses? New technological hairdryer advancements provide speed, durability and far less frizz on the finish line. Now, keep in mind that quality does not come cheap–but if the way you look and the length of time it takes you to get there matters, read on.

Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000
Don’t be put off by the price tag of $300. If you won the 2014 Best of Beauty Award, you would cost that much, too! Its winning status is well deserved, from impressive specs. To 1,875 (yes!) watts of power and a cool shot button that delivers authentically cool air, add that this dryer enables switching between ionic and nonionic heat. You didn’t know that ionic heat will produce sleeker results, while nonionic promotes volume, did you? And it’s compact enough to travel with you.

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i
Best of Beauty Award winner of 2013, this superpower dryer produces dry hair in minutes–even being expedient enough to greatly reduce hair damage from extended heat exposure. So, this one’s healthier for your hair. And yes, the Kardashians love this hair dryer. Enough said.

DevaCurl Dryer & DevaFuser
Lookout locks! This is truly a game changing hair-drying tool that goes far beyond simple drying functionality. When you first see the weird looking diffuser attachment, there could be a multitude of ideas that will come to your mind. However–this dryer is specifically designed for enabling the most healthy, smooth volume and curls, industry-wide. Just be forewarned: the lime green diffuser attachment has five prongs that are configured into a hand shape, with 50 air vents that apply the air to where the curls are.