Another year is just about to wrap up, and it can be interesting to pause for a look back at how your style has changed over these most recent twelve months. While it may not seem like you have really moved a lot in terms of fashion and style, you may surprise yourself. Take a tour of your closet contents and compare the clothing there for frequency of use and at the same time, evaluate how you currently feel about each item. Think about the biggest trends that influenced you to purchase the item in question at the time, and with the now, newer styles in mind, see how they rate. It’s never too late to give your style of dressing a boost of contemporary edginess, and when done wisely, such a move does not require spending a lot of money or any drastic moves.

Add Flair With Add-Ons
Accessories are one of the very best ways to expand the life of a wardrobe, and can absolutely transform the way many clothing components contribute to your overall look. Break down your easy options, and you will discover a wealth of affordable, quick and easy look makeovers, including a great one for that annual two-year celebration. If you may end up being a toast-giver, make sure you totally cover the most noticeable components they’ll see and photograph while you give your oration, like your nails, your rings, bracelets and sleeves.

  • Nails: This is a great time to do something new and fun to your nails. Regardless of their length, and gel, acrylic or god-given nails can be fancied up with pizazz. Aim for a new look. Check out all the incredible polish effects for nails that include nail-ombre, swirl art, color blocking with sparkling metallic dividing lines and the new matte bases for jeweled effects deliberately positioned. Dedicate some fab iconic representation with artwork finely detailing New Year’s components. The ring finger nail’s the ideal spot for a jeweled champagne glass, confetti and finely scattered rhinestone effects on a matte background. check out the many nail dipping effects that all show your elegance and flair.
  • Glam it up, with jewelry: Dig up some vintage inherited pieces you may have not previously found use for and refurbish them for now-wear. These type ornaments are making their way into current statement-making effects for hair and even shoe clip-ons. Many of those antique broaches can be reformatted with different methods of attachment. Turn typical everyday apparel into more dressed up forms of impressive fancy. Rock your toast by making sure the hand you use to raise the glass looks spectacular, with stunning nail art, an elegant and oversized stone ring on a finger and some impressive arm bangles on the end of an arm with glowing skin, or feathery accented sleeve.
  • With the New Year, New Hair: With this being the one-and-only holiday all about transformation, there’s no better time to arrive with one of the incredible updos, with messy buns and swirly French twists on the low end of difficulty, and then moving on up to so many almost Escher-like configurations of braided wonder. The one defining element that reveals the modern chronological placement of all today’s updos is the always-present (purposely left out) strands that forever place “messy” on the fashion map. If you are still working on your French and Dutch braiding skills, enlist the help of a friend who can help.
  • Dress Down: With no more appropriate occasion to slip into that uncomplicated little black (or red, silver, gold lame or blue) number, your New Year’s attire can be all about your personal style. By starting out with a simple, all basic outfit, you’ll reveal your impeccable talent to marvelously accessorize for any date.