Movie theaters are going through a massive transition these days, upon realization that a lot of major changes needed to occur, if these businesses were to hang onto the movie going crowds of yore. With the ever-increasing number of ways in which the general public can view movies, this could wind up costing the movie theater industry billions in lost revenues, and ultimately pose as the final draw for a dinosaur. In responding to this issue, theaters everywhere are revamping their general ambiance like never before–because it is no longer enough just to offer the most recently released, anticipated box office blowouts. No, there has got to be more now, so moviegoers can now begin to expect uber-comfortable seating that can be adjusted from a seated position to a full reclining one, with feet up high, via electronic controls belonging to each chair. Movie theaters will be serving full meals, just like restaurants with wait staff, and adding every other possible creature comfort to rekindle movie going as a highly popular choice for family night, date night or any other occasion. They’ll still be aiming for bringing the very best cinematic entertainment, too, and here are five releases you really don’t want to miss:

  1. Star Wars: Episode VII–The Force Awakens: Scheduled to be released on December 18, 2015, all die-hard Star Wars fans will be eagerly anticipating this newest release. The story is set thirty years following the defeat of the Galactic Empire in Return of the Jedi, which, as you remember, featured Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, and was the place where all the other Star wars characters began their avid followings. Harrison Ford will play Han Solo, and making SW comebacks will also be Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia and Mark Hamill as none other than Luke Skywalker. This film’s success is anticipated to break box office records with an excess of $1 billion. Viewers can watch in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D.
  2. The Forest: This supernatural thriller takes place in Japan’s legendary Aokigahara Forest, which is located at the foot of Mt. Fuji. This is actually a real destination where people in real life go to commit suicide. A young American woman who is searching for her mysteriously missing sister ignores warnings and enters the forest in seeking the truth. What awaits her is sheer terror and chaos. Starring Natalie Dormer and scheduled for release January 18, 2016.
  3. Fifty Shades of Black: This film is written by and starred in by Marlon Wayans. Billed as an erotic comedy, this one is definitely a date night selection–leave the kids at home. Also starring Jane Seymour, Mike Epps and Fred Willard, this sexy comedy spoof on the Fifty Shades of Grey transports viewers through a winding path of raucous and over the top encounters that all occur in the kinky playroom belonging to the rich and sexually driven Mr. Christian Black. January 29, 2016.
  4. She Who Brings Gifts: Directed by Colm McCarthy, who also directed Doctor Who and many more top producers, this British science fictional centers around a plague of zombies, produced from a fungal infection. Written by John Wyndham, who penned 28 days later, this one ought to be great, with the cast including Glenn Close, Paddy Considine and Gemma Arterton.
  5. Ghostbusters: Even if only for the curiosity that this upcoming film is seriously generating, it ranks as a do not miss, This new, modernized Ghostbusters features headliners Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Chris Hemsworth and Leslie Jones. Producers have alluded to cameo appearances from original releases. Surely this release is produced with an upcoming new brand of GB series to follow. There’s a lot of support for this venture to work. We miss Ghostbusters. We’re just going to have to see!