Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and it’s time to turn toward thoughts of what you’re going to give you guy this year. You could rather mindlessly head over to the local drugstore and buy one of those catch-all Valentine’s Day cards and a mass-produced, heart-shaped and cellophane-wrapped box of more wannabe than authentic chocolates, like too many people will be doing. You could level-up and hit the Hallmark Card Shop for better goods, same sentiments, or take the chocolates thing to a world-class assortment of the finest chocolates available, via an online purchase timed to hopefully arrive when and where you specify when you place the order. While anything would be better than simply doing nothing, it would surely be a refreshing change to be different this year, and surprise him with something out-of-the-heart-shaped-box for his Valentine’s Day gift.

  • A Photo of You: Arrange to have a photo shoot of yourself performed in plenty of time so you’ll have it ready for the day. Find a photographer who specializes in tastefully done, sexy and alluring poses, with all the right props, from a large, white bear-skin rug to those big ostrich-feathered boas, and such. For your pose, wear something visually enticing for your man–you know what turns him on–and if he’s got a favorite of your clothes or other, wear it. Even a sexy corset, slip or slinky gown is ideal for this type of photo. Dress in what you’re comfortable with, and ask the photographer to help you with some sexy poses. If you’re wearing regular clothes, maybe pull one sleeve down off your shoulder–little touches to entice are great here. Design your hair to look wild, exotic and messy. Depending on your level of comfort, you could have one of the photos framed–big to be hung on his wall or suitably sized for his office desk. Alternatively, you could make up a special collection of several of these photos that are bound together for him to keep in a special place. He’ll love it.
  • New Clothes: Well, not exactly clothing–but underwear he’ll love. Guys like to wear nice underpants more than you might think. MeUndies of California makes a quality that men love. They offer a superior fit and feel, from a wonderfully ultra-soft fiber blend. MeUndies have been referred to as being the world’s most comfortable underwear. He’ll love that you thought of him this way.
  • Bespoke Post: This subscription service assembles a variety of theme-based boxes that he’ll receive every month. Wonderfully packed with both local and international goodies, he’ll enjoy looking forward to his next delivery. This NY-based company sells both annual memberships as well as individually-sold boxes. You’ll enjoy selecting his theme for him.
  • Something to Read: The Details: Iconic Men’s Accessories is veteran author Josh Sims’ captivating read for men who enjoy having a deeper look into uncommon distinctions, whys and wheres, and a lot of unusual connections within the male fashion industry’s brands. A nice coffee table book, it’s an easy to read experience, with an abundance of intriguing, crisp images to support and augment the text.