Looking for the ideal gift can be daunting, and especially when the future recipient pretty much seems to have everything he or she wants and needs. The brick and mortar stores and boutiques, as well as the internet are overflowing with much of the same array of possibilities, making it all the more of a challenge to find a meaningful way to show your affection or appreciation with a gift. Even if it’s you who you’re shopping for, there’s a commonly overlooked corner that deserves some rechecking. What at one time was a fairly utilitarian, unadorned, machine parts and solutions purveyor industry has, in the past few years exploded with innovation, creativity and stuff you just gotta have. We’re talking about auto parts stores and all the different sources for everything-car that exist. When was the last time you took a tour of a car parts store or the car-related section of a major retail department store? If your answer is “never,” or “it’s been a while,” you are in for a real treat.

Accessorizing Today’s Car Has Exploded — Just From Technology Alone

Today’s auto stores are chock-full of all the car add-ons that you need, but additionally, they have untold numbers of things you didn’t know you needed, because you never before imagined any such creations possible. Like items that produce ‘wow” after “wow,” as you peruse the shelves and aisles of auto life accessories that take car purchases–whether wonderful gifts or for yourself–and unlike at any other time, truly inspire fun and fantasy and a new intrigue in car accessorizing for everyone, and every make and model of ride they might drive. Thanks to today’s technology, in addition to groovy seat and steering wheel covers–and statement floor mats, there is a world of technology designed to improve anyone’s driving experience.

  • The Zubie ZK30012M car tracking and diagnostic tool uses GPS and cellular technology to locate your car anywhere in the U.S. without requiring Bluetooth. Real-time location and trip history for connecting with others anytime, anywhere. With important vehicle alerts and diagnostics that remove the worry from your trip. You get tons of Zubie perks that save you money on plenty of values.
  • The Viper Smart Start System VSS4000 gives you more control to remotely start your car from any location, by using your iPhone. Use it to warm or cool your car’s interior and lock or unlock doors. With settings you can personalize, this handy device is capable of controlling multiple cars.
  • The iKross Rotation Car Mount Backseat Headrest Tablet Mount Holder is the ideal solution for a secure grip on a 7 to 10.2 inch Tablet PC / iPad. Keep the entertainment fluid in the backseat and beyond, with this handy device.
  • The Drop Stop is the Original Patented Car Seat Gap Filler and comes as a set of 2–one for the driver’s side and one for the passenger’s side. Features 100% (one size fits all) between-seats gap coverage by attaching to the seat belt catch, and it moves with the seat. Blocks the annoying gap between your car/truck seat and the center console.
  • The AutoExec Wheelmate Steering Wheel Attachable Work Surface Tray is made of a durable, powder coated wood material. Locks into your steering wheel to provide you with a handy surface that is an ergonomic workstation for writing or your tablet. This ergonomic and easy to use tray can be conveniently stored between seats, and offers an ideal solution when working on the go.
  • The Automatic Parked Car Finder means you’ll never have to hunt for your car again. Automatically marks your car’s location on a map via Bluetooth. Plugs into the car’s power outlet and activates the moment the car is turned off for easy locating, once parked.