With so many of the leading A-listers’ choices for wedding details, there is a movement that is rapidly gaining in popularity for an unprecedented full-on focus on luxury for bridal bouquet flowers.

It’s all about more flowers than ever, gathered romantically to be a central feature of the bride’s statement accessories to gild her, as she blissfully floats down the aisle to join her soul mate.


These “Bouquets in the Hand” are Worth Cutting Back Elsewhere For

There’s a lot less interest in exposed stems, foliage and other forms of bridal greenery.

What replaces these former bouquet components are a mix of sizes that include larger blooms like hydrangeas and hyacinths.

Many of these currently “big” trending bouquets are equally “big,” when it comes to cost, but they are truly spectacularly stunning to behold, and for many brides, these lovely bouquets are worth a little scrimping in one or more less critical areas, just to have.

Colors can range from romantically formal gatherings of hydrangea and orchids in creamy pastel hues, to vividly expressive fun arrangements representing the more primary colors of the spectrum. While many brides do ultimately sacrifice in other areas to be able to carry these amazingly beautiful flowers, there are ways to pull off the same ambiance for a fraction of the cost.


Seasonal Considerations for Fall Nuptials

Wedding bouquets now reflect more than the conventional wedding mode, with more attention being devoted to the specific season in which the wedding occurs. Fall wedding bouquets might include ferns, foxglove and fall colored roses.

Many of these bouquets are less structured and wild, and can even include complimentary table centerpiece decor of fall leaves, acorns, moss and other fall fancy. A good many brides are arranging a “spillover” effect, with same or similar bouquet flowers and colors extending up to form simple wedding headwear.

A good many brides are arranging a “spillover” effect, with same or similar bouquet flowers and colors extending up to form simple wedding headwear.


Fancy-Free and Bohemian Weddings

The freshly-gathered look is a distinctive bridal choice in many weddings of 2015.

These incorporate more natural, earthy components for a more bohemian ambiance.

In these bouquets, you might find wool products and wool wrappings, with lamb’s ear and pussy willow accents to lovely white anemones and such.

The “just picked” look is a marvelous trend that is already really big, and growing.

Wildflower bouquets are open to many distinctive arrangements that look a lot less “pieced,” and more impromptu.


Tradition Continues, With Style

There will always be a predominance of roses in bridal bouquets, in addition to calla lilies and the more traditional blooms. And many brides are choosing the conventional combo of white flowers with greenery, but just in a bigger way than before.

It’s quite popular for brides to carry bouquets assembled all of one, lovely flower variety, with greenery consisting all of one particular plant.


When choosing a bouquet you should also consider the price, and better yet, try to calculate an estimate using this calculator:

This calculator was used here with the permission of CC Bank and taken from their wedding expenses list post.