Carrying a ton of luggage when travelling is impractical these days. Gone are the days when you pack every item of clothing that you own for your vacation. For those of you who are planning to travel any time soon, below is a list on how you can travel light.

What to Pack While Traveling

What Do You Need to Pack On Your Bag?

  1. It is essential that you keep things as simple as possible. Try to reflect on this question: “Do I NEED it, or do I ONLY WANT it?” If you’re decided that you in fact need it, will you be able to bring it wherever you go?
  2. Choose a lightweight backpack. Backpacks are there to provide you with free hands, and if you are traveling from one place to another, backpacks are the best things you could use.
  3. Pack a couple of clothes with bold colors. This would help if there is an unexpected event calling for a casual attire.
  4. Leave your gadgets behind. Though this step may seem difficult at first, it perfectly makes sense because with your gadgets along with you, you won’t be able to fully enjoy traveling.
  5. Bring a small and a compact umbrella with you.
  6. Pack some toiletries which you think are essential, like alcohol, hand sanitizers, and wet tissues.
  7. Bring at least one book or a few magazines. This will help get your mind off the (possibly) long travel.
  8. Pack at least two of those recyclable bags. These will come in handy for souvenir shopping or storing used clothing.
  9. If possible, take some disposable undergarments with you.
  10. Make sure to have a lot of Ziploc or re-sealable bags.
  11. Your passport should be the only one occupying your pocket. You won’t end up creating a long line at the airport.
  12. Pack clothes which make use of high-end fabrics, or ones which could easily dry the following day. Cotton takes forever to dry.
  13. For unexpected expenses, make sure to have some reserved money to fund the accidental cost.

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And never forget to enjoy the experience! Keep in mind that traveling is the only activity where you become richer while spending.