As wintertime rolls around again, it looks like the annual debate over Uggs is going to crank back up any day now, with a clear demarcation line dividing the two schools of thought, regarding this immensely popular winter boot. Who would have ever imagined that such a simple, unassuming little round-toed winter boot would have generated such a frenzy of opinions? It’s hard to believe that such a simple boot could cause such a frenzied uproar of demand. But thanks to countless celebrities who have been caught on film, year round, Uggs have made quite a name for themselves! While everybody is certainly entitled to his or her own opinion–and surely you already know exactly which side of the fence you stand on–it’s worth a bit of exploration to discover some of the impetus behind the well-known foot fashion that appears to have become synonymous with winter.

Ugly is in the Eye of the Beholder
Perhaps it’s the name that subconsciously leads Ugg haters to emerge, with the inferred “ugly,” but there are just too many reasons not to like them, and if any of the naysayers were to open their minds a bit, they might just be persuaded to join ranks with the Ugg Generation. For one thing, Uggs are the most incredibly comfortable footwear you could ever put your feet into–kind of like walking on puffy clouds made of the softest, puffy lambswool. And, unlike so many boots, Uggs provide a consistently even measure of true warmth for your entire foot and toes. They actually flatter all leg types, as they are so big that they have a slimming effect on everyone. And, just knowing that Kim Kardashian loves wearing her Uggs with her Birkin bag will convince some cynics to come to the Uggs side.

Keeping Up With What They Want
Because there are only so many pairs of one particular style that anyone would ever want, Uggs has responded to the need for variety. Now you can buy sequined Uggs, Uggs with little bows going up the backs, brightly colored blue, orange, red, pink, teal and purple Uggs and multicolor patchwork Uggs. There are slouch Uggs, plaid Uggs and Uggs with big side buttons. Check out the airbrushed Uggs that have animal print designs and other artwork can be purchased from certain specialty companies, and there are high Uggs and low Uggs. Uggs are an excellent investment, as they last forever.

The Best Form of Flattery?
The Ugg Industry is so big that there have been numerous fake versions of Uggs to hit the market, with very few if any ways to visually differentiate an authentic Uggs boot from a copy, which typically bear a lookalike Uggs label on the back of the heel. In response, the Uggs manufacturers have had to include a few key design details that enable consumers to know whether or not the boots they are getting ready to buy are true Uggs.