Perfumes, and scents in general, are such a personal thing. So much of what someone will like depends on their individual chemistry, their particular diet and simply what they like to smell. Some scents might remind us of favorite memories from childhood, and some might evoke some memories we’d rather forget about. Pregnant women have really peculiar sniffers–and especially those who are experiencing morning sickness. With all of the various factors added up, it’s amazing that there would be so many perfumes that are loved by so many fans.

A Lot to Breathe In
Perfume notes generally thought of as being more classic can range from floral to woody or musky, and give a woman a certain feel or attitude that defines her personality. These can also influence how others in our immediate range feel about us. Some fragrances are adept at conveying a really clean scent, which can have neither feminine nor masculine associations, but offer more of a generalized fragrance. Who knows just how the celebs come about discovering their signature perfumes? The popularity of any of these has to do with the way they smell, but also how devoted their fans are.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely
The holiday season is a typical time when new scents are released bearing the well-known names of Hollywood celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker, who at the age of 50 is now celebrating a ten year run of her very popular “Lovely,” which is uncharacteristically leading in the UK as the most popular perfume endorsed by a celeb. More commonly, these celebrity scents just can’t compete with the more established releases from designers in the industry. Following a good first two years’ success with Lovely, Parker went on to release a second, Covet. Since that time, both perfumes went on to inspire a family of other fragrances to follow, linked to SJP, which include Covet Bloom, Lovely Dawn, Endless and Twilight. Lovely remains at the lead.

Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds
Ever since its 1991 release as the first-ever celebrity-borne fragrance, it has retained its popular selling status, and is probably the top grossing celeb perfume of all time. All in all, it isn’t exactly what’s trending today among the newbies, however apparently a lot of Taylor’s contemporaries like the potion enough to keep those sales up. Definitely a seasoned, sophisticated fragrance that is more settled than hot.

J-Lo’s Glow
The coveted scent of every 13-year-old alive when it was first debuted in 2002, Lopez’ Glow gives you a fresh, clean sort of fragrance, from musk, grapefruit, vanilla, orange and iris. Still selling to young teens, in that lovely pink formulation within the frosted glass bottle.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston’s highly popular Jennifer Aniston is surely a perfume of the people, being so affordable in contrast with most of the others. Aniston reveals her inspiration behind this scent came from her California early years, with the bottle, designed to pay homage to the Pacific ocean waves. Slightly floral, slightly oceanic from notes of sandalwood and amber, jasmine and a touch of violet.