Every fashionista is, just like you, preparing on at least some level for her next big night out–and for us all, fashion possibilities are their most groundbreaking and everything is about more sparkle, more razzle and dazzle from sequined art effects to shorter hems and almost baring all tops. Sheer lace covering “everything” and “nothing,” all at the same time kills, when mixed with streetwear shreds and jaw-dropping foot finery and must-have scarf and jeweled accents to cap it all off. Do you have it covered for this year? Are you set, or do you suddenly find yourself at a loss for how to do your fresh new night looks for this year? It may not be due to a lack of ideas, with all that’s out there right now, there’s no shortage of looks, but short of taking one particular look and totally duplicating it is not your style–no, in fact that one’s style belongs to the designer for the photo shoot. You want to “harvest” the best of a variety of the best and put them all together in a way that has your name all over it. You want it to be just enough, without being over the top. Maybe you’re even afraid of that sad show you’ve seen on others who just can’t seem to combine style elements and wind up producing nothing but confusion with their look. Makes you wonder if they own a mirror–or have even one honest friend. Everyone’s heard of “color blindness,” but have you ever wondered if there is such a thing as “fashion blindness?” Surely, but you can prove that you certainly don’t have it, by taking the best of the best (your faves from the top celeb couture,) and making it yours.

Metal Mania
Say ‘hello’ to the new neutrals–metallics, all. Whether or not you have a mirror and/or an honest friend’s opinion, get ready to rock the scene this year with some key point secrets of the A-listers that are undeniably ready for you this year. The times are all about metals, in new, jaw-dropping imagery and effects, and hot celebs like Ashley Madekwe has been seen mixing hers–with a clever bit of bold clash for added dimension and wow-factor. Not even close to aiming at blended, take that gold dress and find some super shiny silvery shoes to “match.” Mismatched metals uniquely draw attention and the only thing you need to add is attitude. Go ahead and rock that bronze with clashing bravado–silver, copper, gold, whatever your heart desires–You’ll shine all night long! Other stars clashing this trend–Eliza Doolittle, Kate Hudson, Jenna Fischer, Ashley Madekwe and Chaley Rose are only a few of the celeb bodies who do it so well.

More Detailed Choices
Get your New Year’s look in top celeb style by incorporating one or more of the hottest trending body wear components to be currently gracing the red carpet, like halter tops, which are about the most beautiful way to show off those sultry shoulders. Rihanna can rock a halter top like nobody’s business, with black skinny jeans and a perfect clash of clutch and minimalist linked-chain heels. Black lace is showing up with all kinds of surprising effects–make sure to add some into your New Year’s Eve dazzle. Thigh-highs are the thing in boots with all heel types and heights. Alternative luxe leg looks dazzle with lace artistry in stockings design. Men love ‘em. And what’s that your mom said about not wearing white–and when? Ha! You go for it, Girl! And all the white your little heart desires, too! That post-Labor Day foolishness is gone–gone.