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Kate Middleton showing off her baby bump.

Pregnancy Style – What’s In?

Any evaluation of specific styles for any phase of life (and especially pregnancy,) should first be subjected to a deeper investigation of the target reader’s particular paradigm. Currently leading in the pregnancy trending world, you’ll find Kate Middleton at one end, with her aristocratic air and all the requirements she must be held to, as…

Woman reading a book in an exotic beach.

These are the Beaches You Should Be At

A beach is a beach – once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all – NO. The truth is, if you are willing to travel a little, you can find an amazing diversity of oceanfront beach experiences that would certainly rival any other idyllic vacation destination in existence. What follows, in no particular order, are…

Beautiful woman wearing a snood.

The DO’s and DON’T’s of Hair Wear

Since the dawn of time, women have sought ways to decorate themselves, and the most likely place to begin has typically been with the hair. In the Stone Age, the accessories of the day were bones, and then over time, they became more refined and artistic and finally decorative. Hair accessories have a way of…

Woman with smokey eye makeup holding a balloon.

The Art of the Smoky Eye

The smoky eye look has been on the rise for some time now, and there is no other form of eye makeup that produces such a sexy, compelling look, yet while at the same time, looking sophisticated. Is sophistisexy a word? It ought to be, with all the cool techniques that makeup artists have perfected…