Most all wrinkle creams promise the world. They are usually laden with harsh chemicals and you have to practically take out a loan to afford them. I’ve been in the business of make-up and skin care for over 15 years and have seen wrinkle creams come and go – but while fads fade over time, I have found one cream that really delivers what it promises: Murad’s Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture.

It’s a super rich, creamy moisturizer that is worth every penny! The perfect moisturizer for just about any skin type, I rend to have more sensitive, oily skin with drier patches – I’ve never had one break-out with this miracle cream! The moisture is basically locked in with olive fruit oil, which gives your skin an amazing glow all day.

What You Can Expect 

  • It restores dehydrated skin all day
  • Your skin will look and feel younger and more supple
  • It wears great under make-up
  • There are no harsh odors or fragrances
  • It lasts for long.

I have literally spent hundred upon hundreds of dollars on moisturizers, anti-aging creams and the like, but I have not purchased one other since discovering Murad’s. The one con, it’s not cheap. Ulta offers Hydro-Dynamic for around $65, and this was the lowest price that I could find after shopping around. Luckily, I discovered that Amazon sells this exact moisturizer for right around $35 a jar!

Tricks of the trade: start with a little and apply the cream right after you wash your face – I even apply it to a damp face on purpose, it locks in this moisture and makes your face glow!

Before applying your make-up, let your face dry for at least 10 minutes. Last but not least, for best result, use Murad’s Refreshing Cleanser for best results. I’m not a huge fan of ALL Murad products, but these two are top shelf!