Whether they are helping bridge the gap between haute couture runways and everyday street wear, or helping us decide whether that newest celebrity makeup line is all it’s cracked up to be with their in-depth reviews, it is undisputable that beauty and style influencers have become a major force of the digital world.

And long gone are the days of filming with cheap cameras in rooms lit with last year’s Christmas decorations – the videos made by beauty bloggers of today feature stunning production, which incorporates creative editing techniques, high-res sound and exquisite filming locations. This is all packed into fun, bite-sized videos, making them ripe for binge-watching, regardless whether you are in it for beauty tutorials, fashion advice or just #aestheticgoals.

So, who are the faces at the forefront of the beauty blogging movement?

To help you find out, we have rounded up the most exciting content creators who are currently crushing it in the beauty blogosphere. Keep reading and you’ll soon figure out on whose profile you should hit the “subscribe” button next.

Raye Boyce / ItsMyRayeRaye


Raye Boyce, a Boston native, started her YouTube channel after her already existing fan base, which she amassed through Tumblr and Instagram presence, asked her to do more detailed videos about hair and makeup.

The decision proved fruitful, and since its launch, Boyce’s channel (called ItsMyRayeRaye) garnered over 1.7 million subscribers, consequently making her one of the most successful African-American YouTubers.

Boyce is known for creating innovative makeup looks that often incorporate vibrant lip colors and products that range from budget-friendly to high-end.

She is also known for her insightful hair advice and providing step-by-step tutorials aimed at girls with curly, afro-textured strands.

In November 2017, Boyce also launched her own makeup line. The project was done in collaboration with Los Angeles-based company, BH Cosmetics.

The collection includes an earthy-toned eye palette with over twenty shades, highlighter and contour, as well as a nine-piece brush set.

Jenn Im / clothesencounters


Jenn Im’s OG subbies remember her from back in the day when she was a UC Davis student, stomping her way around San Francisco in chunky heels and eclectic, grunge-inspired outfits.

Since then, the Korean-American fashionista has moved to her hometown of LA and branched out into more lifestyle-oriented videos.

The evolution of her channeled amassed Im a whopping 2 million subscribers on YouTube.

Over the last several years, Im has also collaborated with global brands, such as Target, SK-II, Calvin Klein and Clinique. Moreover, she has released her own makeup collection called “Jenn Ne Sais Quoi” in collaboration with California-based beauty brand ColourPop.

In 2017, Im’s endeavors went even further, when she launched her own fashion line called Eggie (which translates as “baby” in Korean).

The line is a clever fusion of high fashion trends with chic street wear pieces, laced with elements inspired by Korean culture.

IAMKARENO / Karen Yeung


The Hong Kong-born and LA-raised fashion enthusiast Karen Yeung launched her YouTube channel during her studies at University of California, where she majored in International Relations.

The online platform allowed her to showcase her quirky, unique style; an amalgamation of playful, teenage-inspired looks mixed with LA-style athleisure and hints of 90s nostalgia.

Yeung’s videos are also known for the refreshingly creative editing style, which evokes ethereal, retro vibes.

In the summer of 2017, Yeung launched her very own fashion line called UMO Style.

The pieces in the collection are inspired by her childhood years spent in Hong Kong, but also the laid-back Californian style.

Lily Pebbles


The UK-based beauty blogger embarked on her online journey while in university, when she was asked to start a blog as a part of her digital marketing course assignment.

This task turned out to be inspiring, and Pebbles has blogged and vlogged ever since, updating her subbies and followers with informative “What I Heart Today” posts that detail her beauty and style favorites.

She decided to quit her day job and fully focus on her digital career in 2013, a decision which allowed Pebbles to produce even more quality content for her viewers.

Inspired by MUA powerhouses like Bobbi Brown and Lisa Eldridge, Pebbles doesn’t easily fall for beauty trends du jour, preferring timeless, classic looks when it comes to both makeup and style.

Take a peek at her channel and you will find fun and insightful content on everything from holidays present ideas, to DIY tutorials to colorful vlogs about her day-to-day activities in London.

Violette Serrat / violette_fr

As a successful makeup artist and the Global Beauty Director of Estée Lauder, Violette Serrat’s name might feel a little out of place on this list.

However, the French-born makeup guru only recently decided to dive into the YouTube waters and share her beauty secretes with an ever-growing number of viewers.

Her dynamic, on-the-go approach to beauty and her casual, docu-style filming and editing technique came like a breath of fresh air for many of Serrat’s subscribers.

Each week, thousands of them tune in to watch Violette putting her face on in a middle of a busy Brooklyn eatery or a chic café in Montmartre.

The combination of her skillful makeup techniques and the laissez-faire approach to beauty makes Serrat the epitome of that timeless Parisian look, where a little bit of concealer and red lipstick is all that you need to get you through the day.

Jackie Aina


Jackie Aina, an American blogger of Nigerian heritage and a US Army veteran, took the YouTube world by storm thanks to her hilarious “Trends We’re Ditching in…” videos.

In them, she humorously dissected everything that’s wrong with over-the-top Instagram and YouTube makeup trends.

However, as lol-worthy as her takedowns are, Aina’s channel is not all parody and critique.

She also provides insightful reviews about the hottest cosmetic products on the market, often focusing on brands dedicated to products that are diverse and geared towards deeper skin tones.

Finally, Aina is always full of awesome beauty advice and a huge array of stunning makeup looks that range from soft, everyday looks to full-on glam tutorials.

Her outspoken personality and amazing sense of humor earned Aina over 1.8 million dedicated subscribers to date, as well as numerous partnerships with global beauty brands.

In the summer of 2017, Aina teamed up with TooFaced to work on a number of new foundation shades in an effort to help make the brand more inclusive and diverse.

Karima McKimmie


The Sydney-based beauty and skin care guru Karima McKimmie started her YouTube channel in 2011, and has since managed to amass over 14 million views and 200,000 subscribers.

Her videos, as well as her blog, Shameless Fripperies, are known for practical, easy-to-achieve looks with focus on natural, glowing skin.

In her uploads, you will find a plethora of office-friendly, understated makeup looks that can be rocked by everyone – from beauty rookies to seasoned gurus.

Her chatty, down-to-earth personality and beauty know-how make McKimmie’s videos incredibly informative for anyone interested in everyday makeup and skin care.

McKimmie also features honest and detailed reviews of the most popular products and collections on the cosmetics market, from drugstore brands to more luxury names like Charlotte Tillbury and Giorgio Armani.

Desi Perkins


Even though the LA-born beauty guru Desi Perkins has been on YouTube for a relatively short time compared to other digital powerhouses, she has quickly become one of the most sough-after influencers in the sphere of makeup and cosmetics.

Establishing her social media presence through doing makeup looks on Instagram, Perkins’ fans asked her to move on to YouTube, a platform which allowed her to go into more detail when it came to makeup and hair tutorials.

Since its launch in 2013, Perkins’ stunning looks and friendly personality earned her 2.8 million subscribers and over 160 million views to date.

The video that jettisoned Perkins to fame was titled “EYEBROWS TUTORIAL”, which to this date garnered over 15 million views.

In 2017, Perkins collaborated on a new makeup collection alongside fellow YouTuber Katy DeGroot (also known as LustreLux). It was named Desi x Katy and developed together with the indie cosmetics brand Dose of Colors.

The collection included lip colors, highlighters and an eye shadow palette.

Ingrid Nilsen / Missglamorazzi


Hailing from California, Ingrid Nilsen is one of YouTube’s most successful old-school content creators.

Nielsen decided to create her channel in 2009 as a means of overcoming her own fear of public speaking.

Ever since, she has been uploading videos dedicated to a myriad of subjects, with fashion, makeup and general life advice at the forefront.

Her earnest approach to lifestyle and beauty quickly made her one of the most popular personalities of the online platform, evidenced by 4 million subscribers who tune in every week to watch her videos.

Nilsen’s activities extended beyond her online platforms. In 2016, she even got to interview US President Barack Obama as a part of live stream hosted by the White House.

In 2017, BareMinerals partnered up with Nielsen, and she became the face of two of Shiseido-owned brand’s best-selling foundation ranges.

PONY Syndrome / Park Hye-min

A post shared by PONY 포니 (@ponysmakeup) on

Park Hye-min, also known as Pony, is one of the most prominent Korean makeup artist, whose client portfolio includes K-pop superstars like CL from the beloved girl group 2NE1.

When it comes to YouTube, Pony has first become noticed for her jaw-dropping makeup transformations (most popular ones include Kylie Jenner and Taylor Swift).

Even though Pony’s tutorials are in Korean, she has successfully attracted viewers from across the globe, and her channel currently counts over 3 million subscribers.

Through Pony, viewers can find out about the latest trends in Korean skincare and makeup, watch her amazing MUA skills at work, but also join her in one of her many travels to cities around the world.

In November 2015, Pony launched her own makeup line called Pony Effect, in collaboration with Memebox – a Seoul-based e-commerce start-up trading in beauty products.

Featuring items such as contour and highlight palettes, quality cushion foundations, as well as innovative lip colors, it is no wonder that Pony’s collection became an instant hit in South Korea and abroad.

Aimee Song / Song of Style

An absolute fave among style enthusiast who prefer haute couture looks and high-end brands, Aimee Song is one of the most sought-after influencers in the world of digital fashion.

Song started her fashion-oriented blog called “Song of Style” in 2008, when she way studying architecture in San Francisco.

Due to her impeccable style and a great eye for all things aesthetics, Song’s blog soon became immensely popular among aspiring fashionistas, counting over 2 million page views per month.

In recent years, Song decided to branch out to YouTube, focusing her attention on producing engaging, quality content aimed at fashion and lifestyle.

Her videos showcase her creative and effortless approach to style, but also document Song as she attends fashion weeks in metropolises around the globe.

In 2016, Song became the first digital influencer of the cosmetic powerhouse Laura Mercier, in a deal that was worth a whopping $500,000 dollars.

Teni Panosian


The Armenian-American content creator Teni Panosian started her career by starring in music videos, most notably The Wanted’s “Chasing the Sun” and former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter’s “Love Can’t Wait”.

She decided to launch her own fashion and beauty-related blog (called Missmavendotcom) while she was in the final year of grad school. Her intention was to turn her digital presence into a full-fledged business.

A YouTube channel, million subscribers and one re-branding later (Panosian nowadays blogs under the website Remarques.com), her idea turned out to be a remarkable success.

Panosian’s regularly updated channel is known for sultry and glamorous, yet accessible makeup looks, as well as detailed and informative advice related to skin care.

And with this, we are wrapping up our round-up of most successful and binge-worthy beauty bloggers, whose star will only continue to rise. Hit play on any of their videos and we guarantee you will be stay up to date with the hottest trends in makeup, fashion and lifestyle.