It’s a phenomenon that has been occurring for ages, and will, in all likelihood, continue on forever: fashion, in every form and phase, will eventually make it back around to being “the latest thing.” It doesn’t even matter how you might regard some of the former fashions with utter disdain, look out, you just might be swallowing your own words. Even the strangest, oddest and kookiest fashions have managed to find their way back onto the catwalk, given enough time.

The Fifties
There’s a timeless beauty to many of the fashions heralding from the 1950s, and how they artfully balanced a strong feminine aesthetic with a fashion forward, modern style. The fashions of the ‘50s, with their full poodle skirts, sexy retro pinup-inspired swimwear with polka dots and that unmistakably ‘50-esque cat eyeliner never really went anywhere. And chances are they never will. Of all the modern day celebs, perhaps no one does better homage to the fifties than Katy Perry. She can do the pinup queen with complete authenticity. And so can Zooey Deschanel. If you want to get the best looks of the fifties, study those two. The fashions of the fifties abounded with femininity, possibly more so than any decade that would ever again follow. And what an easy to achieve look, too, with a simple scarf covering your head and tied back at the nape of your neck, some bright red lipstick and some liquid eyeliner. And the classic pinup dresses couldn’t look bad on anyone, as they simply flatter and celebrate the feminine shape, from every angle. And even the ‘50s hairstyles are back, with more pizazz than ever.

The Sixties
Many of the most iconic fashions we now celebrate have roots in the 1960s–like the miniskirt, the afro and all that wonderful fringe that has found its way into today’s couture. The cutout dresses we now love came from 60s designers, and today’s fashion trends have managed to take fringe and use it in a wider scope of additions to clothing, like how it’s now seen on swimsuits and more. Thanks to the sixties, we have mini dresses, scarves for headwear, ankle high boots, shawls of all kinds, mini-shorts, paisley, wide stripes  – going both ways, sixties-influenced sun shades and more. What you will not find are the price tags that bore the 60s prices. Nope, today’s retro wear will more than likely set you back many times over the going price paid for them, a half century ago.