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Woman applies smokey eye in brown shades

The Best Smokey Eye for Fall

A smokey eye is my favorite thing to do when it comes to makeup. However, it’s not always appropriate for every occasion, so I generally reserve this look for a fun night on the town. That’s changing for Fall 2015 though, as smokey eyes are the number one makeup trend for this season! Smokey eyes…

Palace of Versaille

Places You Have to Visit in France

France might be most often associated with romantic getaways and couples in love, but it has a lot more to offer than just romance. Most people, myself included, think that Paris is overrated, as there’s a ton of history and amazing attractions all over country that get overlooked in favor of Paris, including these must-see…

Beehive hairstyle

Hair Styles That are Soooo Over!

Going back in time, hairstyles have been a major component of fashion, and considered to be important contributions to the particular lifestyles of each age. Typical trends in hairstyles originate with celebrities and prominent figures, and spread from there on out. Breaking the time periods down into decades, a new prevalence of “conforming to a…


Contouring Secrets From the Pros

When makeup is applied properly, using the perfect degree of contouring, it makes the face naturally appear to have the ideal shape. Done right, contouring magically transforms out of balance areas of the face and improves all face shapes. The proper method of contouring will change your look significantly. By use of skillful application techniques…


Best Places to Eat in Toronto

One of the most satisfying parts of traveling is eating all the famous dishes that country has to offer. Every city has its landmark restaurants, and every trip is made better by sampling the favorite bites of the locals. When you’re exploring the city of Toronto, Canada; be sure to grab a bite at the…

Polka dot dress with clutch

The Perfect Purse: Clutch Couture

A great look does not thrive solely on an outfit. In most cases, it ends up being the specific accessories that are added that ultimately make or break any outfit. Accessorizing involves a lot more than simply jewelry like necklaces, rings, scarves, earrings, and headwear: accessories include shoes, hats, outerwear and much more. Often understated,…

Wedding bouquet

Wedding Bouquets: What’s Hot Now!

With so many of the leading A-listers’ choices for wedding details, there is a movement that is rapidly gaining in popularity for an unprecedented full-on focus on luxury for bridal bouquet flowers. It’s all about more flowers than ever, gathered romantically to be a central feature of the bride’s statement accessories to gild her, as…