When makeup is applied properly, using the perfect degree of contouring, it makes the face naturally appear to have the ideal shape. Done right, contouring magically transforms out of balance areas of the face and improves all face shapes. The proper method of contouring will change your look significantly. By use of skillful application techniques of bronzer and highlighter, contouring can slim your nose, create those sought-after high cheekbones, and it can even slenderize your neck. Basically, contouring is the ideal way to highlight those features that are your best ones, while downplaying the ones you want to minimize. You don’t have to go to a professional makeup artist to get professional looking contouring done for your face. By first taking a little time to assess your most desirable facial features, determine the shape of your face and then identify any areas or features that you feel could benefit from a little “downsizing,” you can create your own method of contouring your face, right at home.

Contouring is Not New
Contouring owes a bit of its increased popularity to the Contour Diva, Kim Kardashian, who lives by the clever contouring makeup method of application, although Ms. Kardashian certainly did not invent it. Contouring has been widely practiced by makeup pros forever, practically. And these pros were not in any hurry to reveal this trade secret, either, as contouring actually gave them an ability to produce those “professionally-rendered” results that contribute to their livelihood. Contouring essentially is a “makeup cheat, whereby anyone can achieve a more sculpted facial appearance, by strategically placed bronzer, highlighter and blush.

The Four Basic Face Shapes
Once you know your particular face shape, simply follow these formulas. It might take a little practice, and typically, most women tend to overdo the look, but with a little experimentation and patience, you’ll be amazed by how contouring flatters your face.

  • The Oval Shaped Face: Liberally apply bronzer on cheekbones, then lightly dust across the forehead. Pay attention to the edges, where everything needs to blend to look natural. Next, come back with blush, applied to the apples of the cheeks, by using a dome-shaped brush that’s medium-sized.
  • The Round Shaped Face: Concentrate on the hollows of your cheekbones, along with the jawline and your chin for your application area using your bronzer. Add blush just along the top area above your cheekbones, either with a medium sized round brush or sponge.
  • The Square Shaped Face: The jawline and cheekbones’ hollows are where your bronzer will go, as well as a light touch right at your temples. Blush should be applied directly to the apples of the cheeks and right across the cheekbones.
  • The Heart Shaped Face: Concentrate your bronzer to the cheekbones and chin, with a slight touch at the temples. Apply blush a tad lower on your cheekbones.