As 2015 draws to a close it’s time to look forward to the next twelve months while reflecting on the past 12, and try to predict what we think will be the hottest styles, trends, and fashions, and what will be ready to be tucked away in the closet with those slap bracelets and scrunchies. So sit back and get ready to reevaluate your style as 2016 grows closer.

IN – Stripes
Big, bold, bright, thick stripes have been spotted on all of the recent runways for upcoming 2016 fashion lines, and they’re appearing in all types of shapes and sizes. From diagonal cross stripes to huge vertical bands of colors, this notoriously slimming look is sure to be a hit this year.

OUT – Plaid
While stripes are seeing a resurgence, their cousin from the forest, plaid is most definitely out this year. Keep those flannels folded for another year, as we’re sure they’ll be back soon as the fashion world has a quickly changing love-hate relationship with this age-old pattern.

IN – Spanish Flavor
Flamenco dresses, ruffles, bold reds, and off-the-shoulder designs that are influenced by Spanish fashion are seeing a rising trend, and they’ll not only make you look great, they might make you want to dance a tango as well.

OUT – Platform Shoes
These remnants of the 1960’s seem to somehow keep creeping their heads back into our shoe closets, but let’s take a moment to thank the fashion gods that we won’t see many of them this year. Embrace your vertically challenged position, or wear some heels, but please, avoid these disco era monsters.

Palazzo pants

Gordana Sermek /

IN – Palazzo Pants
If you didn’t grow up in the 1960’s, you might not have heard of this style, but think bell-bottoms on steroids. These flowy pants are basically like wearing a dress on each leg. Comfortable and stylish, we’re glad to see this trend make its way back.

OUT – 90’s Jeans
Call them high-waisted jeans, mom jeans, or 90’s jeans. Whatever you call them, this is one fashion that should not have come back with the Full House and Boy Meets World reboots. Good riddance.

IN- Dark Crystals
No we’re not talking about amber healing crystals to bring you out of your winter funk; we’re talking about rings, earrings, shoes, bracelets, and more covered in black or dark colored crystals, or faux gemstones. This sparkly look is sure to make you shine from your head to your feet.

OUT – Digital Watches
Its time to class it up and get back to your analog roots. No more calculator watches, and please, no more watches that tell you when you’ve reached some arbitrary number of steps walked. Watches are for telling time, not checking your email. Let’s leave the gadget watches to James Bond and use our wrists to display classy timepieces.

We would love to hear from you! Tell us all about what YOU think should be in and what should be out this year!